Happy Hump Day!

We made it through one interview and officially have ONE more to go! I am so ready for my husband to get a break. These interviews are wearing down on him so hopefully after Thursday!

I spent most of this morning in Starbucks getting caught up on some work that I am WAY behind on!

Oh and just for the record: I officially went to Starbucks for the first time and DIDN’T get coffee.

IMG 2586

It felt so wrong.

I had coffee in the hotel room when I woke up and since I didn’t think I should be having another cup already, I opted for a bottled water and some oatmeal.

This won’t happen again. I promise you.


Okay a little trivia question for you today:

IMG 2585

Can anyone guess where we are? If you are from North Carolina I have a feeling this will be crazy easy.

Hint: North Carolina loves their college football!

We are heading back to my in-laws house tonight before heading to the final interview Wednesday afternoon.


Okay now it is time for what most of you are probably here for.

A couple months back I did a review and giveaway for CLICK Espresso Protein Powder.

Click Espresso Protein

It is an amazing product. There are really so many amazing things about it, but hands down there is nothing better after a long run or workout than protein mixed with espresso! It gives me both of both worlds.


I was contacted about a month ago to see if I would be interested in doing another giveaway for my readers and of course I jumped at the chance because this product is awesome and all of you are awesome!

I can’t begin to explain what all of your support has meant during this time.  Your comments, words of encouragement, and even tough love at times has been everything I have needed and more to push me from one day to the next! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


CLICK is so much more than just a protein powder.

There are so many amazing recipes incorporating CLICK on their website.

As you all know I am not much of a fancy cook, but one of my favorite drinks is to simply add CLICK to my plain morning coffee.

Mixing Ability

This not only gives me an extra shot of espresso (flavoring it with either Mocha or Vanilla) but it also gives me some protein first thing in the morning.


The possibilities are endless with CLICK is involved, and I want to give you all a chance to try this out yourself!

The giveaway is for one 15.31 oz canister of the CLICK flavor of your choice.  They will also send you a CLICK cup to go along with it!

CLICK Winnings

You can enter the giveaway via Rafflecoppter below.

You have until Wednesday, November 20th to enter! GOOD LUCK!!!!

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