About Me

I’m a wife, mom (to-be), and runner.

My story; however, goes much deeper than that.



I met my (now husband) at the young age of 18.  We were both freshmen in college and started dating. At the time, my husband was studying to get into medical school which meant he gave up his dream of playing soccer in college. As a way to help find another avenue of fitness, he took up running. Many marathons later he is now quite accomplished with a marathon PR of 2:27 and aiming to qualify for the Olympic Trials. Aside from my running I am a huge supporter, cheerleader, and partner in helping him in any way I can to make to the Olympic Trials.

We married in 2011 and have been through the process of medical school and are now in the final year of his residency. It’s been a long road, but without a doubt I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a great team and that’s how we try to approach everything we face.



My husband and I started to try to have a child after I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2015 and had our first child, Easton, on December 1, 2016. This new journey of motherhood is the greatest and hardest thing I have ever done. I love to share my experiences, mistakes, and the fun developments of our sweet boy!



I haven’t always been a runner. In fact, growing up I was active but never participated in many sports. I was introduced to my running by my husband (then boyfriend). I watched him for a while before the itch hit me. I started running as simply a way to burn calories and get some exercise during college.

We moved to Pennsylvania in 2010 and then I started getting the idea that maybe I could do a bit more with it. I ran my first marathon that year. I ran another the following year but didn’t really improve upon that time. I got the crazy idea that maybe I could qualify for the Boston Marathon. I had a huge amount of time to cut off, but I decided I wanted to start trying to work towards it. It wasn’t an easy road – several running injuries set me back, but finally right after moving to Virginia I officially picked my marathon plan (Hansons Marathon Method) and cut 1 hour and 9 minutes off my time to qualify for the 2016 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:29 at the Kiawah Island Marathon in December 2015! I qualified again in October at the Chicago Marathon for 2017.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to participate in 2016 as I was just 7 weeks pregnant, but my eyes are set on Boston in 2017.

My current marathon PR is a 3:26 and half-marathon PR is a 1:37. I have big dreams to crush those in the future!

That was quite an abbreviated story of my journey, but you can read my full running story here.


My goal for this blog is to document my journey as a wife, mom, and runner. To share my goals, my struggles, and my success as I continue to push the limits in life, family, and running.


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