Thanks for all your kind words on yesterday’s post. It is so amazing to hear from others who understand when something just “doesn’t feel right.” It doesn’t make me feel quite as crazy! 🙂

I got back into the gym today to make myself better, and that is exactly what it did!

We got a late start this morning because we were in deep conversation for about an hour. I don’t know why but my husband and I just started talking and before we knew it was almost 1:00. Always a good thing though! 🙂 I love running ideas past him to see what he thinks, he always gives me his honest opinion!


The way our gym is set up is that it has an entire room on the side of main exercise room for spinning. It is great for fitness classes, but I have found that it gets so boring when you are in there yourself.

I have tried to spin a couple times in the room and I just don’t make it that long before going nuts.


Today I decided to do something different. I took one of the spin bikes and rolled it out into an open area close to the indoor track. This allowed me to not only people watch but also have a nice view outside.

2013 12 11 13 50 18

Sorry I was actually spinning when I took this picture.

You have no idea how much this helped.  A friend of mine from the gym who bikes every day and is training for an ironman told me to do this and I didn’t think much of it. 

Just changing up the view and not having to sit in that dark room all by myself helped tremendously.

2013 12 11 14 35 12

I ended up doing a total of an hour and 40 minutes. I had a workout planned out (which I will be sharing in an upcoming post), but I just kind of let my body feel it out. The workout itself was about an hour and 25 minutes and then I just biked easy the rest of the time.


Lessons I Took Away from the Gym Today:

1. Don’t be afraid to try different things.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask to move things (that can be moved of course)

3. Chat with others – it makes the time go by faster.


I loved that being out in the open meant that people who knew me would stop and chat for a few minutes as they walked by. This would take my mind off the spinning for a little bit.

2013 12 11 14 37 57

I felt really good after it was over and it helped to give me a positive outlook on reverting back to some extra cross training for a little while.

I think what made me feel the best about the workout was that I worked up a great sweat.

2013 12 11 14 38 09

There is something about sweating that just turns my whole day around! I felt great.


I also finished out with form drills, upper body weights, and some stability work. All of which will benefit me when I eventually get back to running!


After we finished at the gym we made a stop by Best Buy because Wes surprised me with an awesome purchase last night.

2013 12 11 16 16 36

We have been toying with the idea of buying Google Chromecast for a while. We got rid of our cable after I lost my job as an easy way to cut costs, but we do miss being able to watch certain things on TV!

I will do a full review on it once we have it up and working, but it can be hooked up to programs like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and others and streamed from your computer, smart phone, or tablet right to the TV.

We use Netflix a lot so this will come in handy. I can also hook it up eventually to the TV near our treadmill when I run on it again to help the time pass faster.

I am pretty excited.


Do you ever change up things to help you with a workout at your gym?

Have you ever tried Google Chromecast?

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