I was a good injured runner and took an entire day off of working out yesterday.

I did this last Sunday and I think my body really thanked me for it on Monday.  I am learning a lot along this crazy journey back from injury, and sometimes we don’t want to do things but our body wants us to do them.

I think leaving my shoes at home was fates way of telling me take an ENTIRE day off. I am focusing on being the best car driver and supportive wife today, and honestly that is one of my most favorite rolls.


Thanks to my running obsessed husband he did remember to pack the foam roller.

2013 12 04 10 49 55

I did spend about 15 minutes making sure I stretched and foam rolled to try to work out my pesky tight groin muscle and every other muscle in my leg.

2013 12 04 10 52 31

Has anyone else had problems with this?!


We didn’t bring any food with us when making this little trip, so to save some money I decided to enjoy some of the hotel’s complementary breakfast.

2013 12 04 07 42 50

2 hardboiled eggs, an orange, and cheerios with Strawberry yogurt.

I don’t know if it is just that I have been used to plain Greek yogurt for so long but this yogurt was just too sweet. You would have never heard me say that years ago, but it just was too much for first thing in the morning. 

Of course, before all this you know I can’t say no to free coffee.

2013 12 04 07 12 31


I spent most of the morning getting lots of work done because I knew we wouldn’t be getting home until very late.


I did run two very important errands before I picked Wes up from his test.

1. Candy

2013 12 04 12 00 47

Wes has been so stressed about this test and the one he has next week for so long I felt like he needed a reward.

2013 12 04 12 01 10

I picked him up some of his favorite candy so he would have them on the car ride home. Yep, I should win wife of the year award. (I kid).

I won’t even admit how much I spent on it, and I know it’s not the healthiest of snacks but if it brings even 20 minutes of happiness to him while he’s under all this stress then it was so worth it.

2. More Coffee

2013 12 04 13 02 09

I stopped by Starbucks to get a little bit more work done and go for coffee #2. Don’t judge me it’s just too delicious this time of year.


Seeing as this post has had a lot of various foods in it, I think it is time to talk about something I’ve never discussed on the blog.

I have mentioned a few times how I am focusing on nutrition, and I have come a long way in the last month or so! What I haven’t discussed is my issues over the past 6 months when it comes to food.

I had some very disordered eating habits.  When I say disordered my typical day for about 4 months was:

1. Get up – have coffee.
2. Workout
3. Don’t eat anything until dinner (basically I starved myself all day)
4. Eat a small dinner
5. Binge late at night because I was so hungry on a bunch of unhealthy crap

There were several problems with this. My body was not getting the nutrients that it needed to properly function and make it healthy and strong. That combined with my crazy running after I lost my job lead to a very awesome femoral stress fracture.  I have no doubt in my mind that my disordered eating had a huge impact on my injury.

I really don’t know how I got started on this “starve myself all day and gorge myself on crap at night” diet I was doing, but I was under a lot of pressure at work for a while and that combined with a crazy idea I needed to drop some weight from a 10 lb weight gain I put on at the time really screwed my thinking up.

It messed with my emotions, my body, my health, and lead me to face some serious consequences.  

As Wes and I were traveling back in November for his interviews we had a very serious discussion in the car. He was worried about me and could see that I was a wreck.  

I knew what I was doing but I wouldn’t admit it.  I am 27 years old and in the next year or two we probably will start seriously talking about starting a family. I need my body to be healthy and strong when I decide to get pregnant. Not only that but I need to establish a healthy relationship with food before I get to that point.  My life isn’t just about me, my weight, or my running anymore. I am going to have a much greater purpose.

I since then have made a conscious effort of several things:

1. Eat 3-4 meals per day. (also snacks)
2. Make the meals I am eating nutritious and good for my body
3. Don’t limit myself on treats so much that I binge. I need to give in to something small at least once a day
4. Stop counting calories
5. Eat to be healthy 

These aren’t strict rules, but I am making an effort to really focus on my health and my future.  My relationship with food has grown so much healthier over the last month, but I have a ways to go. I will get there.

I wasn’t going to say anything on the blog, but then I decided I wanted to be honest and let you understand some of what I’ve been dealing with.  I want you to understand that I am learning from my mistakes and I want anyone else who is doing something harmful to see there is hope. Thankfully my husband saw what I was doing and opened my eyes before it went too far. Sometimes tough love is the best love, and it is just another of the million reasons I love him!

I was a little afraid to talk about this for fear of judgment.  Then I realized I put myself out there when I started this blog, and if my honesty can help one person from going down a dark road before it gets too far then I it was worth it.


Even though it is cheesy I wanted to leave you with this hotel room selfie.

2013 12 04 11 08 31

The reason I took this picture this morning was because for once I am finding myself. I am at a much happier place in my life and am realizing that life is so much more than I ever realized.  You can’t see it like I can, but instead of faking a smile and trying to make it through the day for once I am genuinely happy and proud of ME! Just the way I am.


Tell me something HAPPY! 🙂

Have you ever have a “wake up” moment in your life?

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