Today’s Workout: (Speed)

Total Mileage: 4.37 
Total Time: 40 minutes

Average Pace: 9:08 min/mile 

1/2 mile warm up
6 x 400’s (7:30 pace)
400 jog in between at 10:00 pace
1.17 mile cool down 

IMG 0959

I started writing this post and it terrified me.  I was scared to put the words down in writing simply because I knew that when I did it meant it was real.  I would have made the commitment. Then I decided – that is exactly what I need! 

The last marathon I ran was the Chicago Marathon in 2012.  It was not the greatest experience and at the end I was burnt out.  I was tired of having a set schedule, tired of feeling like I was forcing myself to run, and just in general tired.  I tried to switch it up, took a break from running, and focused on other aspects of fitness.   

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You know what happened next….. 

I started to miss running.  I missed the freedom, the stress relief, and the enjoyment of running.  Maybe I just needed a break to really realize the enjoyment that running brought me. 

I started thinking a couple weeks ago right before my vacation about what my next goal would be.  I love just being able to do what I want, but I really wanted to find a new goal and push myself to new heights. 

I went  back and forth, talked my husband’s ear off, and just about drove myself crazy.  Then this weekend I finally came to the decision it was time to just do it. 

My next goal: To qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

IMG 0482 1
I have never really posted my marathon times on the blog but my fastest marathon is a 4:28 – yes you read that right I am going to have to cut almost an hour off of my marathon time in order to qualify.   

I always joked about qualifying, but in the back of my head I always never though it could happen.  Then after long enough I started to wonder if it was possible. 

I am scared out of my mind I won’t lie. I see how hard my husband works every day and he is a 2:33 marathoner. I know that if I put my mind to it I can achieve it and that is my goal. 

I don’t have all the details figured out yet and I am enlisting the help of my husband and lots of research to determine exactly what my training plan will consist of. I know my first couple months will consist of a lot of speed work and form drills.  I need to make sure I am doing this safely to avoid injury. 

There will be more to come I assure you as to the details – but I look forward to sharing my journey with you all!

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