There is always something about a new year that helps you feel excited and invigorated.

It also comes at the perfect time for me after having Easton and slowly starting to get back into my running. It’s a great time for me to really look at my goals and think truly what I want to change going forward.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw a short glimpse into where I am postpartum. I plan on doing another full post on it later this week but to recap I am currently about 9 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight. I know this takes a while to come off (it took 9 months to put on) so I’m not expecting miracles but it is something I keep in mind when setting goals for the coming year.

I like to break my goals up into different categories: running, health, personal, and business. This way I am not just focusing on one area and it helps to broaden my focus. However; I don’t like to set too many because then I feel like some of them just get lost. I want attainable goals but also realistic ones.

So here we are officially in 2017 and I’ve had some time to really think about where I’d like to be by December 2017. In no particular order, here are my goals for this new year AND new season in my life.

My Goals for 2017



Get to Boston Healthy: It’s no secret that I’m not going to run a PR in Boston, nor do I expect to. I do have a goal however of making it to the start line healthy and feeling strong. I’m not there yet, but with hard work, focus, and perseverance I know I can get there.

Running Goals

Do the Small Things: I’ve preached for years about doing the small things, and I have had good seasons of doing it but then it somehow slips away. Running postpartum has changed my ability to simply be able to skip those things. In order to achieve the first goal I set, then this one has to be done.

Get My Speed Back (After Boston): The next 12-14 weeks will simply be able getting to Boston healthy and running a smart race and really enjoying it. After Boston, and once I’ve recovered, I wan to focus again on getting my speed back. At that point it will be over a year since I’ve really focused on speed and my goal will be to get my legs back to where at least they once were and then work from there.



Enhance My Diet: My husband I both eat pretty healthy for the most part, but honestly our diet is often a lot of the same things. It’s not always “fun” so I want to find the time to really branch out in my cooking and diet. To give more variety to our dinner table and health in order to enhance our health and running performance. As my husband continues to work towards his goal of the Olympic Trials nutrition becomes even more vital and I think this will be a good time to really take it up a notch



Grow as a Mom: I’m not sure we will ever fully have this parenting thing figured out, but for me I always want to challenge myself to learn and grow. To give my son the best that I can and to continue to try to be better. I’ll make mistakes sure, but each day I have an opportunity to grow and become more confident in the Mom I am.

Mom Goals

Grow as a Wife: Just like my previous goal, I don’t think you can ever stop growing. My husband and I have always made a really good team and have continued to take that approach in parenthood as well. My goal is to continue to focus on us and our relationship, making sure to never lose ourselves in being parents that we forget that we were husband and wife first. To simply enjoy this journey together.

Wife Goals

Determine our Next Step: My husband graduates from residency in August, so once again we are deciding our future. He’s got some great offers on the table but we also have some decisions to make on what we want for our family and future. It’s a big goal of ours in the coming months to come to a decision and be at peace with it.



Grow My Blog: I’ve been trying to grow my blog over the past few years, but due to my full time job I really haven’t given it the focus that it needs. This year I really want to focus in on what I want my blog to be and bring what you all want as well. A much more focused approach.

Branch Out: I’ve been doing some side work for some time in social media and web design, and I hope to branch out more in this in 2017. I’m not really sure what it will entail but it’s been a goal for some time now and hopefully this will be the right time to really go after it.


Goals to me are important because they have always been a way that I motivate myself. Focus one day at a time on what you can. Your goals aren’t going to happen over night but if you keep them in the back of your mind you’ll be surprised how much they can motivate you! Even on the hardest days I keep my goals in the front of my mind and it helps get me moving!

What are some of your goals for 2017?

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