Happy Friday!

Yesterday we had the most amazing weather I have seen in a long time. It was in the low 80’s which is really hot for up here this time of year, but you will never see me complaining!

I will say though that my body isn’t quite adjusted to running in warmer weather.

6 Mile Run

I went out for an easy 6 miles after getting off work. I contemplated putting it off until later in the day because I had the worst trouble sleeping the night before and ended up only getting about 3.5 hours worth.

Once I got home after work though I felt energized so decided to go for it. I was so glad I did because the heat picked up as it got later!

I can’t tell you how good it felt to get some natural Vitamin D in though. 🙂


This week I have been focusing a lot on recovery. I average 3 pretty tough speed workouts a week so it is key that my legs and body are recovery properly in between.

I thought today I would share three products that I swear by for proper recovery.


Primal Sport Mud

A few weeks ago I tried Primal Sport Mud for the very first time. I’ll admit at first I was very skeptical. How can a simple mud paste that I rub on my muscle and let sit really aid my recovery?

Primal Sport Mud

I wasn’t the first to try it out. My husband had a pretty achy quad after the Boston Marathon and I suggested he give it a go and see how it worked.

He immediately texted me a couple hours later saying that it had really  helped his leg and it was already feeling better after several days of aching.

Primal Sport Mud News

After my first workout my right leg was having a harder time recovering. One night while I was sitting at home I decided to give Primal Sport Mud a try.

I put the mud on my leg, wrapped in plastic warp and then put a heating pad on top of it. I did this right before bed and didn’t think much of it.

Primal Mud On

The product itself is water soluble so it comes off your skin and hands very easily.

The next morning when I woke up I was amazed at how much better my leg felt. The pain was gone and my leg felt fresh! I have since tried it out on my quad, calf and even my lower back. This is a miracle worker.


So, how does Primal Sport Mud work? Here is what their website says:

When heat is applied to Primal Sport Mud, its jet black color and molecular structure absorb and convert the heat into beneficial infrared energy – which stimulates micro circulation. Improved circulation removes toxins and speeds up recovery so you can spend less time being sore and more time doing what moves you! Primal Sport Mud is all-natural, raw and exactly what your body needs.”

As I said, both my husband and I were skeptical at first but now we are FIRM believers in this product. Sometimes you need a little extra something to speed up and help with recovery. This product is amazing and one will continue using. They have life long customers!


110% Compression Socks

I was recently given the opportunity to try out 110% Compression Flat Out Socks.

110% Compression Flat Out

I’m sure by now you know of my love for compression socks. I’m usually not very picky about compression and have several different brands that I wear regularly.

Recover. Play. Harder.

The first thing I noticed about 110% Compression was how quickly and easily they went on my legs. This isn’t always the case for compression socks. Usually if compression socks go on easily then they really don’t provide much benefit, but these still provided exceptional compression and comfort.

110% Compression Socks

A few details about the Flat Out Compression socks:

  • 80% Nylon/20% Spandex
  • Anatomically accurate design (left and right)
  • Zoned compression to support calf, shin, ankle and foot
  • Moisture wicking
  • Unique flowmesh stitch pattern for foot ventilation
  • Anti-chafe padding on ball of foot and ankle
  • Unique vertical stretch for arch support
  • Non binding top band for easy on/off and comfort

Flat Out Compression Zones

The big difference with these compression socks over others it that they have targeted zoned compression. This is something you can definitely tell when you first put them on.

I’ve worn these on both runs on the treadmill and outside.  They leave my legs (especially my calves) feeling fresh even after a tough workout. They aren’t took thick and can still be worn in the hot summer months that are quickly approaching!



One of the most common runner ailments is plantar fasciitis.  It is one of the most annoying nagging pains that you can get and it can be really tough to get rid of.

I was recently introduced to a new massager that helps to alleviate not only plantar fasciitis but also heel and foot pain.


The CryoSphere Massager allows you to apply various amounts of pressure over many different areas of the foot. It is also covered in small tiny protrusions allow for a kneading affect which provides a deep tissue myfascial release.  These can help to reduce soreness and scare tissue formation in the foot.

CryoSphere Knobs

On top of this the CryoSphere also contains non-hazardous heating and cooling additives. Hot and cold therapy has been shown to be affective in helping to treat and alleviate different foot ailments.

CryoSphere Instructions

I have used this after severals runs. It is quick, easy and efficient at helping to massage the foot and aid in recovery.

What to try out a Primal Sport Mud or CryoSphere? I will be giving away one to 1 CryoSphere to 2 of my readers AND 1 sample of Primal Sport Much to another reader! That’s 3 total winners! Enter via the rafflecopter below and the entry period will end at 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, May 13th.

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Good luck!


Are there any products that you swear by for recovery?

Do you have a routine after a run?.

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