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Some days I wonder if I will ever learn.

To explain, let me start back on Thursday morning. I got up a little bit later since the husband was off work and we got to sleep in. I felt a little off track with sleeping an extra hour, but shrugged it off.

I love coffee

We had some errands to run and Wes had me pick him up a couple miles down the road after his run. I made a pit stop for some coffee thinking it would help to get me a little bit more energy.


These are all very normal things. My diet was normal. Nothing really was out of the ordinary.

Wes has a dentist appointment and since we are down to one car right now, I went with him so I could bum a ride to the gym once it was over.


The whole time I was waiting I felt “off.” I was already playing mind tricks with myself trying NOT to think about the run/spin workout I had planned. The same workout I had already done 2 days this week. I know I think you can already see where this is going.


I got to the gym and didn’t waste much time getting on the treadmill. The run went OK but I started to get a bit frustrated that I was feeling so tired with 3 miles at a 9:50 pace.

2014 01 09 15 03 36

I know – maybe it has to do something with the femoral stress fracture you had and the fact that you couldn’t run for 3-4 months?

Yes it seems obvious, but I was already mentally beating myself up about it.


I went downstairs to change and go hop on the spin bike. I was not in the mood. I was already in a bad mood walking back upstairs to the spin room and had a feeling this was going to be tough.

I started spinning and reminded myself of my tricks – just make it to 10 minutes.

I hit 10 minutes and felt a little better and then tricked myself to make it to 30, 40, and finally 50 minutes before calling it a day.


The room was empty for the first time all week and so I was pretty much completely alone throughout the 50 minutes.


I went back downstairs and sat and waited for Wes to finish up. I was on the verge of tears. I was mentally exhausted. I know what your thinking – why doesn’t she listen to her own advice? 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C
Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

I once again got under the mind set that I had to get as much cardio in as possible. Every day this week I had some sort of run followed by at least 50 minutes of spinning. Isn’t just about everyone going to get burnt out from that?

Wes and I got in the car and I started crying. I couldn’t believe I was this exhausted mentally.  Of course, he reminded me like he always does that I was falling back into my routine of doing the same thing every day and pushing myself too hard. 


The husband decided we would stop by Wegmans for dinner for my favorite salad bar and to give me a break.

2014 01 09 17 43 24


Moving on. Friday was a rest day. A complete and total rest day. I ran some errands, cleaned the house, but I never once saw the gym. It felt amazing.

I am reset and ready to head back this morning. I have revamped my weekly workouts and am turning a bigger focus to weight training. Of course, I will still be spinning and getting my second round of cardio in but instead of 5-6 days a week it will drop to probably 2-3. I need variety or I go crazy.


Do you ever catch yourself falling back into the same routine?

Do you switch up your workouts during the week to keep from going crazy? Please say I am not the only one here!

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