I have a great review for you today. You may have seen previously in my recipe for my Chocolate Strawberry Banana Spinach smoothie that I used a new kind of protein powder.

I have been really interested in protein powders lately that are plant based; however I have found that many of them just taste awful. 


I was contacted a few weeks before Christmas to try out Plant Fusion. They were going to send me a few samples and they wanted to know what I thought.

20140109 093244 Richtone HDR

I got the samples but didn’t have a chance to try them until recently. 


The mission of the company is simple:

“Using ingredients that we believe are not only good for our bodies, but good for our planet as well.  We are people who have grin up in the “health-food” lifestyle and embrace the philosophies of holistic living.

If we are successful, we will provide the tools to help million of others take control of their own health and change their lives for the better.”

I will admit I was skeptical at first. I have tried plant based protein powder several times and it rarely lives up to the hype. I love adding protein to smoothies and such, but I also want a protein that I can grab quickly on the go and be able to mix it with water. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to mix up a complete smoothie.


I wouldn’t say this one is perfect when it comes to mixing with water, but it is about as close as they come.  I can easily grab a packet and some water and drink on the run if I need to.

20140109 093502 Richtone HDR

Of course, I love mixing it in smoothies. It mixes easily and quickly and you don’t taste it when added to a smoothie but all the benefits are still in it.


20140109 093259 Richtone HDR

All Plant Fusion protein powders contain zero dairy, soy, animal products, and are hypoallergenic and gluten free.  I am not vegan or gluten free but I still enjoyed it!


Their protein powder comes in several flavors:



Chocolate Raspberry

Cookies N’ Creme

Natural (unflavored)


I only received a sample of a few of the flavors but my favorite were: chocolate, vanilla, and cookies n’ creme.

I was not able to try the chocolate raspberry or natural.  I typically enjoy flavor to my protein, but the natural would work as a great additive to smoothies if you aren’t interested in getting the flavor of the protein into the smoothie.


Do you like plant based protein?

What kinds of plant based protein have you tried?

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