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We’ve almost made it to Friday! Hang in there!

This has been a long and busy week. I’ve been working on a lot for the blog so that I can bring you all some really exciting things in 2014! I am really liking how things are turning out!


I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning so I started my day off with a run to get it done.

2014 01 07 11 19 19

I decided to do a run/walk interval workout since I didn’t want to do too much running at one time.

2014 01 07 11 03 38

Please note: I accidentally pulled the emergency stop chord about 50 minutes into the run (smart right?). I ran for a total of around 60 minutes, not 12.

Here is the interval workout I came up:

1 Hour Interval Workout


It is super simple, but it makes the time fly when you are on the treadmill. It would go along great with yesterday’s post.  If you are having trouble getting through a run adding intervals is a great way to trick your mind and make the time seem like it is going by faster. This goes with spinning as well!

You can modify this workout to be a speed workout as well if you are a bit more advanced. My legs aren’t quite ready for that, but instead of walking during the 5 minute breaks you could just jog easy and then pick up the intensity during the 10 minute intervals.


I love feeling that I have finally found a routine that seems to be working for my body during these first few weeks of reintroducing running back into my routine.

There are a few keys I try to follow now in my training:

1. Don’t do too much of one thing. 

2. Easy means EASY

3. Mix things up.

4. Challenge different muscles.

5. Enjoy your workouts.


I can’t tell you how amazing it has been since adapting these few simple steps in my training. Does it mean that all my workouts are awesome!? Nope! However, it does help me to stay focused, add variety into my routine, and keeps my body strong and healthy.

I will always love running first and foremost, but my body doesn’t respond well to only doing one thing. The simple step of even adding 30 minutes of easy spinning or strength training after a hard run can really help me recover and avoid injury by adding slow easy miles like I used to.  It is hard to break your routine, but I promise once you branch out you will not regret it.


Ladies and gentleman, I’d say that the runner in me is finally growing up.


Back to yesterday’s workout. I got my run done early and then headed to my appointment. Once Wes was done with his rotation we headed to the gym for him to finish his run.

2014 01 07 16 47 23

I knew I wanted to get something in but didn’t want to go too crazy. I opted from an easy 50 minute spinning session. My legs were tired, but were loosened up by the time it was over!


I’ll leave you with this awesome quote I found last night.

2014 01 08 05 07 57

So true in so many areas of life, not just running.


Do you do anything AFTER you run to aid in recovery?

Do you ever do interval workouts? 

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