Good morning!

We are actually heading this afternoon to a town about 6 hours away for Wes to take his Step 2 Board Pratical Exam. On Wednesday he has to see 10 standardized patients and they each grade him. It is the first of two tests he has during the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!

We rented a hotel for the night so the he could relax some. Wish him luck! 


Yesterday was a great workout day!

I went to the gym with a interval workout planned. I decided I would do a total of 60 minutes on the treadmill. 

The interval consisted of walking for 5 minutes (3.5 mph) and then running for 5 minutes (6.0 mph).

2013 12 02 13 30 29

This was the quickest I think an hour on the treadmill has ever gone for me!

2013 12 02 12 14 09

Fun fact: This is the first time I have worn compression socks in over 3 months. Yay!

I finished up the workout with a ton of stretching (still dealing with a really tight groin muscle), upper body weights, and a few ab exercises.

Overall a great workout!

2013 12 02 14 30 18


I came home after the gym and made eggs with turkey (you know since we had a 21 lb turkey for thanksgiving we have lots of leftovers) and a rice cake with jelly.

2013 12 02 15 06 16

I am really loving this as a post-workout meal!


In honor of my slow but eventual comeback to running I thought I would bring you a giveaway today!


This giveaway features items that I personally use and have around my house! 

Note: All these items were purchased on my own and were not donated by any company or brand. The opinions are all my own.


I wanted to share some of my favorite items I use for running and give you all the opportunity to try them out as well.

All Items

Here are the items included in the giveaway:

1. CeraSport Electrolyte Drink Mix (Fruit Punch and Citrus)

2013 12 02 15 17 31

I use these mixes in my water specifically when I am running on a treadmill. It is a great electrolyte replenisher.  

CeraSport is a rice based electrolyte drink mix.  

“CeraSport has an optimal blend of salts and carbohydrates from a patented rice syrup process, to match nutrients and fluids lost in sweat during exercise.”

You can read a full review I did on their products here.


2. Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Drink (Berry Flavor)

2013 12 02 15 19 43

This has always been both Wes and I’s favorite pre-workout drink.

We usually save them for marathon race days, but I typically will drink this about 30 minutes before the gun goes off. It has a great mix of carbs to help give you energy.

I love the Berry flavor and think you will too!


3. Sports Beans Protein Recovery Crisps (Chocolate)

Sports Beans Recovery

I was introduced to these at the Chicago Marathon expo.

I have always used the original sports beans during races and long runs because they have a great taste and are small enough to be able to stick in my back pocket while I run.

These are for post-workout and remind me a lot of malted milk balls (though don’t worry if you don’t like malted milk balls, my husband doesn’t either and he enjoyed these).


4. CLIF Energy Shots and Drink Mix (Double Espresso, Chocolate Cherry, and Cranberry Razz Drink Mix flavors)

2013 12 02 15 18 11

I think most runners have tried the CLIF shots but I also enjoy their electrolyte drink mix!

I have quite the collection of these at my house, so I thought I would share some with you all! The shots I typically will take on a long run about 8 miles in.  It takes a bit for these to take effect, so this way the energy kicks in about the time I get to mile 11 or so.  

The electrolyte drink mix is made to be taken during your workout. Cranberry Razz is one my favorite flavors!


5. Honey Stinger Protein Bar (Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Pie)

2013 12 02 15 18 48

You can read my full review of another Honey Stinger product here.

I mean it when I say I have never tried a Honey Stinger product that I didn’t like.  I am a big fan of their energy chews and  waffle crisps, and their protein bars are no exception!

This protein bar has 10g of protein AND 30 mg of caffeine. Great to be taken before or after a workout!


6. Tailwind Endurance Fuel (Organic Mandarin Orange)

Tailwind Nutrition

A lot of you may have never heard of TailWind Nutrition. They are a great company and have some awesome endurance athlete focused products!

This product is their Endurance Fuel. One packet (as shown above) will make 2 24 oz. large bottles or 4 small 12 oz bottles.  

The flavor is delicious and really helps me power through longer workouts.


7. Elete CitriLyte Add-In 

Elete Citrilyte

Elete CitriLyte Add-In is great for those really sweaty workouts. You simply add it to your water and it helps with hydration, heat tolerance, muscle function, and energy conversion.

You add as little or as much as you want to your water depending on your needs and preference.


Alright I’m done! This is one long winded post. 

This giveaway will start on December 3rd and will end at midnight on Monday, December 9th.  Open to US Residents only. 

Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Good luck! 

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