Yesterday morning I dropped Wes off at his first residency interview and went and found the nearest place I could park for 3-4 hours.

I ended up finding a Panera and ordered some delicious oatmeal and strawberries.

IMG 2535

It was delicious! I got a couple great hours of work done in preparation for the craziness of the next few days.

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We will leave straight from Blacksburg, VA once his interview is over and head down to North Carolina to stay the night at my in-laws before heading to the next interview.  It will be nice to visit and break up the drive.


I thought it was about time that I gave you all an update on my femoral stress fracture recovery. It hasn’t gone quite as planned, though I do still see the light at the end of the tunnel.


For my newer readers here are a few of my previous posts on my stress fracture:

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As of Thursday I will officially reach the 7 week mark. That means for 7 full weeks I have not ran a single step. It feels so long.

My Femoral Stress Fracture Recovery Plan

I wish I could say I am closer to running again than I am, but as I have learned through this process it is always better to play it safe.


As you know from my recovery plan, I took the first 3 weeks completely all from all activity. I let my leg heal and besides walking around in normal every day activities I did no other forms of exercise outside of core work.

After the 3 weeks was over I began cross training. I have focused on:

1. Swimming
2. Pool Running
3. Spinning
4. Walking

IMG 2256

I did well for the first couple weeks. I focused on the less weight bearing activities and then I jumped the gun.

I began incorporating walking into my routine. As with everything else I seem to do I went in too hard too fast and believe I may have re-injured my stress fracture slightly. If I had stuck to slow easy walking I would have been fine, but instead I went in too fast and for too long.

I don’t believe I re-fractured it, but I do know that I set myself back a couple weeks due to this.

Lesson learned: an extra few minutes of cross training is not worth an extra 2-3 weeks of recovery and no running.


At this point I am still not quite sure when I will begin running again.  If I could give you a time frame I would say I would love to be running a tiny bit by the first of December, but I know I can’t rush this.

I am still having pain sometimes and I know until there is absolutely no pain there will be absolutely no running.

The traveling we are on right now is actually really saving me.  I have made myself pretty much stick to non-weight bearing activities (basically swimming and pool running) and since I don’t have access to a pool while on the road I am giving my leg some extra rest.


I have begun focusing on some weight training and core work again.  These are vital to make sure that I come back stronger than I was before.

I am also still sticking to my vitamin regiment and making sure that I am eating a healthy and balanced diet as much as I can.

IMG 2106

I know that by giving myself a little more “rest” during this travel that it will enable my leg to re-heal in whatever way it needs to.

I guess that is about a wrap up of where I am. 7 weeks in and I’d say I have another 2-3 weeks to go at least, even though that is very hard for me to admit.


Please tell me I am not the only one who jumps the gun on things. Are you an all or nothing kind of person? I am and I need to break the habit or I am going to end up injured forever.

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