I am so thankful for being back in PA. I miss my family and NC like crazy, but I need some normality back in my life.

After a few hours of blog work yesterday morning I started off with a trip to the gym. I need to start getting back into my routine.


I decided to do a hodgepodge workout so I ended up doing a little bit of everything.

I got there and decided to give my leg a rest from the treadmill and walk around the indoor track.

IMG 2602

It is slightly easier on my leg. I ended up doing just over 30 minutes.

IMG 2613

After I had finished my husband was about to start his workout and suggested I try VERY SLOWLY jogging one lap around the indoor track (a mile around our track is 9 laps).

I was terrified. All I could think about was the shooting pain in my leg I had when all this started (which I haven’t felt in quite a while now).

Wes assured me I was into 9 weeks so it was time we slowly started testing my leg to see where it was.

IMG 2603

I slowly jogged and to my surprise I had no pain!

I stopped after one lap and stretched some just to make sure the pain wouldn’t start up. To my surprise, I felt great!

We are taking baby steps and slowly testing my leg. Probably won’t try anything again for another day or two but I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I can see the work I’ve put in paying off.


After my walking and jog attempt I hopped on the Arc Trainer for a 30 minute sweat session.

IMG 2605

Nothing fancy. I did attempt to try and mimic my running form simply to help get my body back into remembering the correct form.

I need to really focus on my form and make a commitment to form drills when I start up again.  My form is not where it needs to be and to avoid injury in the future this needs to be corrected.


My final cardio of the day was 10 minutes on the rowing machine.

IMG 2606

This was brutal today.  It most likely was due to the fact that I was tired, but I didn’t have a single minute left in me at the end of the 10.


I finished off my workout with some kettle bell swings and ab work before calling it a day.


I found another use for my CLICK Protein Powder today.

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After I finished my workout I was pretty hungry and needed a snack. The weather was awful today and between the cold tempatures and snow I wanted something warm.

I opted for oatmeal but since our kitchen is still pretty sparse I needed a new topping.

IMG 2609

I give you – CLICK Oats. After I had cooked the oats I added cinnamon and a little of my CLICK Espresso Mocha Protein Powder to the top and mixed it all tighter. It was delicious and just what I needed.

IMG 2610

It just goes to show you this protein powder can be used in just about ANYTHING!


Do you enjoy doing one type of workout or do you like to mix it up?

Have you or do you currently do any type of form drill?

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