It’s marathon day again! As you are reading this I am standing on the sidelines chearing on my husband as he runs the Marine Corps Marathon! He is hoping for another PR, but I just hope he finishes healthy and strong!

I will be back with a full recap in the next few days! You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for updates sooner!


Without further adieu here are this week’s workouts:

MondayWalking, Swimming, and Pool Running

I did 1 hour of treadmill walking in the AM followed by a 1 mile swim and 30 minutes of pool running in the afternoon.


I did 1 hour of treadmill walking in the morning.

I had plans to do an hour spin class in the late afternoon, but my body just wasn’t having it so I didn’t go.


I went to the gym in the afternoon for a mile swim followed by a little extra for a total of 44 laps.


I got carried away and had a bit of leg pain, so I took Thursday off to rest and recover.


I went to the gym before getting on the road. I swam a mile and then a few extra laps to make it an hour. I had to rush to shower and get ready to start our trip!


Unless you want to count walking around the expo. We were there almost 2 hours!

Sunday – Walking

I most likely will walk 4-5 miles today during the marathon. I am hoping my leg holds out well!


I want to be honest so here we go: I got a wake up call this week.

Unlike previously when I was running, this time I LISTENED!

On Tuesday after my walking workout my leg didn’t feel right.  It didn’t hurt at that point but something was off so I skipped spinning and rested.

Wednesday I swam which made it easier and allowed me to take all the pressure off my leg, because at that point I was starting to get some “more than normal” pain in my leg.

Thursday I rested. Complete rest, unless you could cleaning the house and packing.

I listened to my body and I needed to!


As we get into another week I want to focus on cross training that takes almost ALL pressure of my leg.  The primary focus of course will be swimming but I am hoping to throw in a spinning session or two as well. No more walking for the time being.


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IMG 1324

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I have a great giveaway coming your way tomorrow! So stay tuned!

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