Today’s Workout – Speed Workout

Total Mileage: 13.22 miles

Total Time: No freakin’ idea (details below)

Average Pace: Yep….see above 

Okay. I want to go into this post with the most positive outlook I can, but I have to say I finally had an AWFUL workout.

Last night I planned my workout out and was pretty excited to conquer it.

IMG 1423

I have a 10k on the schedule to run this Sunday, so I was using this run to help do some speed work and get me ready for it.  I haven’t OFFICIALLY signed up for it yet because I am a bit superstitious and still dealing with some hip pain, but hopefully I can get that under control by then.

I started the first section (1 x 3 miles, 2 x 2 miles) and it actually went pretty well.  The speed was not a problem.  My hip started kicking in around miles 6-7 which made the last mile or so pretty hard.

At the end of 8 I stopped the treadmill because I was starting to get frustrated. I didn’t take a picture of my times or anything because I was so concerned with my hip pain.

I started back up for another mile, and then the husband stopped me and asked if I wanted to finish out my last few miles and hill sprints outside.  I decided to try it out to hopefully  mix things up.

About .35 miles in I realized I should have stuck to the treadmill and turned around and went BACK to the gym to finish it up.

IMG 1428

This is the only part of the workout I actually took a picture of to see my times and such. This 3.5 miles consisted of my 6 x 10 second hill sprints (HARD!) and easy running.  I not only use my pictures for the blog, but also to help me track my workouts so I was pretty frustrated when I realized I had forgotten to take pictures of the main workout.

My hip kept hurting and my body was tired throughout the entire workout. We have good days AND bad days right? I am fortunate that I haven’t had too many bad days recently.

IMG 1430

I think this picture accurately describes how I was feeling after my workout. I was beat. 

I had every intention of getting up super early before an interview I have tomorrow morning (FINGERS CROSSED!!), but after today’s workout I think I will be putting my run off until later in the day.

I am off to shower and get some dinner with the hubby.  I will be back later tonight with a product review! I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I am about some of the great stuff I have coming up including a few more AWESOME giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways – you have 2 MORE DAYS to enter to PRO Compression Giveaway!! I will be selecting a winner Friday afternoon!!

How do you move on from bad workouts or runs?

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