Today’s Workout – Speed Workout 

Total Mileage: 5.01 miles

Total Time: 00:45:10

Average Pace: 9:01 min/mile

My workout was broken down as:
0.5 mile warm up (10:00 min/pace)
3 x 1200’s (7:47 min/pace)
0.5 mile jog between each (10:00 min/pace)
1.25 mile cool down (10:00 min/pace) 

Last speed workout of the week is complete. 

IMG 0984


I was quite sweaty at the end. I think that means it was a good workout!

IMG 0985

It went better than expected, probably because I really focused on my food intake throughout the day.  A lot of days with my job I just eat as I can. I don’t always have a set lunch and some days are crazier than others.  Today I focused on planning what and when I was going to eat, even if it meant eating something quickly at my desk.

I have a lovely stash of energy boosting items in my desk to take pre-workout.  I really think this helped give me the energy. 

IMG 0981


My pre-run fuel at work today was: 

1. 1/2 packet of PowerBar Performance Energy Blend: Banana Blueberry (mid-day around 3:00 pm). 

2. 1 cup of coffee with 1 tbspn Sugar Free Vanilla Creamer (1 hour before the run). 

3. 2 sports beans

I will take tomorrow as a rest day and then have a 12 mile run and a 10 mile run planned for this weekend.  I am looking forward to the long easy run, it will be a nice switch up to my runs at the start of the week! 

I started this morning with one last foam rolling session to hopefully help my calf. Thankfully it seems to have worked and my calf is finally on the mend. I can say that I have learned my lesson and will not let this happen again! Foam rolling and stretching sessions every day – cramping is not a fun! 

Foam Folling

This is my “please don’t hurt me anymore calf” face.

I have to say compression socks are the greatest invention ever made. 

I mean you can’t look any sexier than this right!?

IMG 0982


Please excuse the awkward gym picture, I just though the socks looked funny.

These compression socks made my run so much better! They really helped my calf and I didn’t feel any pain the entire time. This is a big improvement over yesterday. 

IMG 0983

If you haven’t tried them before I highly recommend it! They will greatly help you in your recovery!

Have you ever tried compression socks? If so, what is your favorite brand?

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