Today’s Workout – Progressive Tempo

Total Mileage: 7.08 miles

Total Time: 1:00:00

Average Pace: 8:30 min/pace

IMG 1146

Today’s workout broke down as follows:

0.5 mile warm up
5 mile progressive tempo (8:27, 8:13, 8:00, 8:00, 7:53)
0.5 mile cool down jog
4 x 20 seconds at 6:58 pace followed by 40 seconds jog
0.5 mile cool down

This was all done before 6:30 am as well! It felt so nice to get off work and just come home and spend some time with Wes for a change instead of hoping right on the treadmill or putting the shoes on to go run outside.

IMG 1151

I am going to attempt to do this again for the next two mornings, but as I am always told “just focus on one day at a time.”

I set my alarm this morning not knowing if I could do it. I doubted myself from minute one, but I decided that if I want this I am the one responsible for making it happen.

IMG 1145

I even reminded myself with the alarm clock.

We can all make excuses for why we can’t do something every day, but it comes down to you are the ONLY one who can make it happen. YOU can find time, YOU can do it, it will be hard yes but the rewards will trump all of that.

During my long run the other day I got to thinking about my pet peeves when out running.

1. Honking at a runner. JUST DON’T DO THIS! I know people find this funny or amusing, but when a runner is focused with the music on and in the zone don’t honk it scares us and it can cause us to jump (sometimes into the road).

2. Cat calling. Do I even have to explain why this is annoying?!

3. Not fencing in your dog.  I have dealt with this on numerous occasions recently where I will be out running and all of the sudden a dog will come sprinting up to me, barking like crazy, and no owners in site.  I understand that most dogs are friendly but PLEASE don’t let your dog do this.  You never know when a dog won’t be friendly and it is scary to runners.

4. Running me off the road. I have had several drivers REFUSE to move over even when I am not even on the road and almost hit me with their mirror. It is not going to kill you to slow down for 2 seconds and move over even the slightest bit. Do you really want to risk HITTING me!?

What are you pet peeves when out running?

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