Today’s Workout – Cruise Intervals

Total Mileage: 6.02 miles

Total Time: 00:54:01

Average Pace: 8:58 min/pace

IMG 1040
Today I got back to speed work.  After a great easy evening run with the husband Wednesday and a slow 2 miles to keep my legs moving yesterday, it was now time to get back to business.  This treadmill workout consisted of 1/2 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile repeats (8:00 min/pace – marathon pace with the last mile at 7:47), 1/2 mile jog in between each, and then 1 mile cool down. 

IMG 1039

The workout was tough but doable.  I know I have quite a ways to go, but it made me feel better this week completing some pretty tough workouts. I have a rest day scheduled for tomorrow and then two longer runs – quite similar to last week. Pray the rain holds off Saturday! 

IMG 1042 

I had to take today off work to get some more blood work ran. I think this is the final stop and then HOPEFULLY I will finally get some answers so I can get my energy levels under control. I am a little nervous to find the results out but I am just hoping it will give me some answers.

Tonight the husband and I will be taking it easy and relaxing.  It is FINALLY supposed to cool down here tomorrow and I am really look forward to a relaxing long run. <– That seems to be an oxymoron 🙂

Have a great Friday!

What are your weekend workout plans? 

I have a 12 mile run tomorrow (this will be my main long run) and then another 10-11 mile slow long recovery on Sunday.

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