Happy Saturday!

I just finished up at the gym and I am pretty proud of my work out.

2 mile warm up (10:00 minute pace)
1 set of 20 quats
1 set of 12 lunges each leg with alternating bicep curls
30 second plank
3 sets 12 of leg lifts (abb workout)
30 minute (3.3 miles) interval run alternating every 5 minutes between 10:00 min pace and 8:30 pace
2 sets of 20 squats
2 sets of 12 lunges each leg with alternating bicep curls
30 second plank
20 crunches on the ball
2 mile cool down (10:00 minute pace)

I also made sure to jog a lap around the indoor track in between each thing followed by one lap walking.

I finished everything up with a good 10 minutes of stretching in the steam room.  This really helps to warm up my muscles and allow for better stretching.

I have to say our gym does rock.  The medical school that Wes’ attends built a very nice gym.  It’s normally around $70 per month per person but Wes goes for free and I go for half price. You can’t really beat a gym membership for $35 for both people per month with all that is included.  It has of course the normal cardio machines, weights, weight machines – but it also has 2 pools (one lap pool and one therapy pool), numerous classes, a spa, steam room, and sauna. This is one of the only perks we have found from the medical school he attends. Everything else with the school pretty much sucks. 🙂

lecom pools

Nice isn’t it!? We have never been able to go to a gym that have all these amenities so it is nice!

Not sure what the rest of this Saturday is going to hold for us.  We sadly canceled our cable this week so I really don’t know what to do with myself.  I was really the only one who watched much TV, but it was my go to almost every night when I got home from work. I am hoping that during this time at least maybe I will be much more productive and less distracted. The real reason we cut the cable was simply to cut our cable bill from $110 per month to $40.  We are really trying to find the best ways to save money in any way that we can at this point. Every little bit helps when you have one person in medical school and one person working. I do the best I can, but typically my pay checks come in and then go right back out.  Our goal from the beginning has been to take as little extra loan money as possible while he is in school to cut to the total debt amount down a little bit.

no more cable

It’s official when there is no more cable box! Sadly, I had to dust before I took that picture…maybe without cable now I will actually be able to keep up on the housework! (don’t hold your breath… )

Well on that note I am off to jump in the shower and try to make myself pretty for whatever we decide to do tonight.

Have a great Saturday!


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