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As runners we focus on quality a lot. The quality of our running shoes, the quality of our training, the quality of the races we choose, but do you ever consider the quality of the water you are putting in your body?

It’s no secret that hydration is an important part of helping us perform (even more so as a nursing athlete) but as someone who lives in a city that has had some pretty big water problems, the quality of the water I put in my body and the bodies of my little ones is vital.

Primo® water has been the solution I’ve found to making sure I’m putting in the best for myself and my family, and I’m proud to be partnering with them for this post!

Have you ever seen the 5-gallon water bottles when you’ve been out at your favorite stories (such as:Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot)? You may have walked past it and didn’t even realize just how great and easy to use they are! You can find the closest water dispenser to you here!

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It’s also such a fun family activity to take your empty 5-gallon bottle to the Primo refill station (you can also purchase in pre-filled bottles). Our 2.5 year old thinks this is super fun and also makes him extremely excited to get home to put it in our dispenser and start drinking! Anything to get my kids excited about drinking water!

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If you enjoy re-filling your own this non-spill cap makes it so much easier!

Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis. Ok, so what does that really mean? Reverse osmosis is a type of filtration process. Untreated water (like your common tap water) flows through a semipermeable membrane and carbon filters which enables water to flow through the filter but leaves behind salt, chemicals, minerals, and other impurities. This results in highly purified, healthier drinking water that’s free from potentially harmful contaminants.

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I know I’m putting quality, purified water in my body and my kids’ bodies.

Primo; however, goes beyond just having great purified water for your family. Each 5-gallon bottle saves1,100 single use bottles from the landfill (or even worse, the oceans)! We simply fill up our reusable water bottles before or after a run and I love knowing we are saving more bottles from making their way to the landfill.

It’s also a great way to make sure our family is drinking lots of water! Having a water dispenser in our home makes it super easy and convenient. We chose the Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser. We plan to get another one when we buy our house in a couple years and add it to our at-home gym too! Nothing beats the convenience and quality.

Primo Water 4

Interested in trying out your own Primo water dispenser in your home? You can use code WATERGOALS25 for 25% off a dispenser, FREE fast shipping, and a FREE coupon for a 5-gallon bottle of Primo water will be mailed and another when your box is delivered.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo–all opinions are my own.

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