Over the past couple weeks I’ve done several Q&A’s on Instagram and one question that I keep getting asked regularly is what gear I would recommend for cold weather running.

Since it’s a big hard to answer in a short instagram story, I figured a blog post was in order! So, let’s talk cold weather running!


To start, this is how I base most of my runs on:

When planning for your run add about 10 degrees to the temperature outside. You may feel a little cool at the start but during the run you should warm up enough and will feel comfortable. Also make sure to take into account wind chill into this. For example: if it is 45 degrees outside but with the wind chill it feels like 35 you will want to plan for running in 45 degree weather. Add 10 degrees to the lowest temperature.

Temperature in the 50’s: Short sleeve shirt (or tank and arm sleeves) and shorts.

Temperature in the 40’s: Long sleeve t-shirt, shorts (or tights if an easy day).

Temperature in the 30’s: Tank, long sleeve t-shirt, shorts or tights, gloves, and headband or hat to cover ears.

Temperate in the 20’s: Tank, long sleeve t-shirt, jacket, tights, gloves, and headband or hat to cover ears.

Temperature below 20 degrees: Tank, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, jacket, tights, neck warmer, gloves (usually mittens), headband or hat to cover ears, and gaiter to cover neck.


Most of you aren’t here for how to know how to dress, but instead what I actually wear. There are many options out there but here is some of my favorite cold running gear:



Brooks Canopy Jacket Nightlife
I love this jacket for those runs that aren’t really cold but in the hight 30’s/40’s. It can be layered over several layers and not only is waterproof but is reflective so if you are someone who runs really early in the morning or late at night it’s perfect!

Brooks Canopy Jacket

Saucony Nomad Jacket
I have had this jacket for 2 years and it is great for cold weather. I usually do layer it with a tank and long sleeve shirt, but it is pretty thick on it’s own as well.

Nomad Jacket



Brooks Running Threshold Tight
I wore these for the first time this fall the other day and forgot just how warm they really are! They are great for cold weather and keep your legs nice and warm throughout the entire run.

Brooks Running Greenlight Tight
These are similar to the Threshold Tight but they also add reflective bands on the tights to help you be seen which becomes even more important as the time begins to change.



Brooks Running Greenlight Beanie 
I love this hat for when I have a workout because it provides just enough protection and warmth without feeling like it’s weighing your head down.

I also wear a lot of simple ear warmers of various brands.



Craft Hybrid Weather 2 in 1 Bike Glove
My husband and I both love these gloves. He got these first and I may have stollen them a couple times.

Brooks Running Threshold Glove
These are a lot like the Craft gloves and another great option when it gets cold.


I find that in cold weather running the keys for me are to keep my hands and my head warm. If either of those get cold then my run can get pretty miserable.


What is your favorite gear for cold weather running?

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