This year I have the privilege of being a Brooks Run Happy ambassador. I was so honored to be selected because Brooks Running is a brand that I have worn for many years as a runner.

I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog some of my favorite running shoes from Brooks, and one that has always made the list are the Brooks Glycerin!

I first tried the Glycerin about 2 years ago right after I had Easton. I ordered them to help train for my first marathon postpartum and I fell in love. They aren’t super heavy, have great bounce, and can handle a lot of miles! In fact I still used them in my shoe rotation for almost 2 years!

Last month, Brooks introduced the new Brooks Glycerin 16.

I’m always a little nervous when a new version come out because when you love a shoe so much you wonder if it will still live up to it’s original. Anyone else get this way!?

In order to take a look at the Glycerin 16, let’s start by looking at the 15’s – the ones I initially fell in love with!

Brooks Glycerin 15

And so that you can compare to the Brooks Glycerin 16:

Brooks Glycerin 16

As you can see the specs are pretty similar, with the 16’s coming in slightly heavier than the 15’s but I can attest to the fact that I didn’t notice that much when I first tried out the new version.

The biggest changes in the Brooks Glycerin 16 are:

  • DNA LOFT full-length midsole
  • 3D Fit Print mesh upper and internal stretch bootie
  • DNA LOFT cushioning

DNA LOFT is a finely calibrated mix of Brooks DNA foam, air, and rubber, replacing Super DNA as Brooks softest feel and ride. DNA LOFT is engineered to provide a softer feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability, providing our softest cushioning.

The first time I tried the Glycerin 16 I was a little leery mostly because to me they didn’t feel as responsive as the previous versions of the Glycerin. At first glance they also look a lot less “bulky” which is usually not a problem but one of the things I love most about the Glycerin is the durability and responsiveness. That is something I really didn’t want to lose.

The first run in the Glycerin 16 I wasn’t sold. However; as I continued to run in them I really began to like them! They were responsive, felt cushioned without feeling bulky, weren’t too heavy, and really felt very similar to the 15’s.

Do I think they are still different than the 15? Yes, to me in some ways they still feel different than the 15’s but I still really love them and after putting about 30 miles on them they have become a part of my regular shoe rotation.

I would 100% recommend the Glycerin 16 with the warning to keep an open mind that they may not feel quite like your previous version. If you have never tried the Glycerin then I image you will love them right from the first run!


What are you favorite Brooks Running Shoes?

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