Training Recap 2 Weeks of RunningIt’s been two weeks since I have updated you all on my training! Sorry about that! Now that life is starting to go back to normal (somewhat) I thought I’d do a quick recap to let you see how things have been going.

Two weeks ago was a bit crazy with the move. Instead of being too caught up in my training schedule I just did the best I could and got in runs as time allowed.

Instead of doing a full recap, I thought I’d just share quickly my week:

Monday – 7.10 miles (interval workout)
Tuesday –
off (moving day) 
Wednesday –
6.02 miles (8 x 1 minute hills)
Thursday –
5.14 miles (easy)
Friday –
Saturday –
10.05 miles (long run)
Sunday – 
6.76 miles

In case you don’t want to calculate that it was a total of 35 miles for the week.  Moving is stressful and I was really happy with the runs I was able to get in even things feeling like they were out of control.

35 Mile Running Week

I went into this past week wanting to re-focus and really enjoy the run a bit more. I have a new neighborhood which allows some days for me simple to put E in the stroller and head out to run! Due to super speedy cars and blind turns my old neighborhood didn’t allow me to do this which meant every day I had to pack up and head to the trail.

I wanted to use this move as a reset as well. To get my mind and body refocused. We’ve got a really fun couple of months coming up and I want to really be able to take in every second.

Here is a look at this past week of running:

Monday – 7.05 miles

Monday the weather was looking rainy and I wasn’t sure it was going to hold off. Wes had the day off so I decided to head to the gym with him. I could run on the trail and then if the weather did happen to take a turn for the worse I’d be close by and could go inside.

Since I didn’t know what the weather was doing and I knew I’d have the opportunity to run solo on Tuesday I opted to move around my workouts. I started the week off with 7 easy miles. I ran the first 25 minutes with Wes which doesn’t happen much these days so it was a nice treat!


Tuesday – 6.05 miles

Tuesday on my solo run I opted to take on the hills of my new neighborhood. The week before I did longer hills so this week I opted for shorter intervals. I started with a long warm up (4 miles) and then found a hill and did 13 x 15 second hill sprints. I walked back down the hill after each intervals and even though it wasn’t the most taxing of workouts I sure had to work for each of those intervals!


Wednesday – 6.55 miles

First Stroller Run in New Neighborhood

Wednesday I took Easton out for our first run together in the new neighborhood! It is so fun to just be able to go out the door and run! It can be challenging though with the stroller and hills but I embraced it and just tried to take the run in stride. I thoroughly enjoyed these miles and just focused on soaking up every moment of those miles together!


Thursday  – 7.18 miles

Thursday I had another chance to run solo so I headed out for my second workout of the week. Last week I did a workout on Monday that involved varying paces based on different time intervals. I enjoyed it a lot so I decided to do another similar workout on Thursday.

Thursday Workout

10 minute warm up, 40 minutes (2 minutes easy/2 minutes moderate/1 minute fast), and a 10 minute cool down. The time passes so quickly on these workouts and I love being able to continue to try out new paces throughout the run. Running off time has really been fun for me during this period between cycles and I look forward to continuing to add some of these into my next marathon training cycle!


Friday  – Off


Saturday – 6.73 miles

Saturday my husband and I headed out early with E to do our long runs on a group run. Several months ago there was talk of a midnight marathon but not enough people signed up. Every training cycle Wes runs one 26 mile long run so he thought the midnight marathon would be a good option. When it got canceled the wonderful people who run the local running store decided instead to have one big group run early on Saturday. We would loop a .67 mile loop as many times as you wanted. Some did 8 miles, some did 15, and there was the option to do 39 laps for 26.2.

My goal for the run was 11 miles. We had checked the weather ahead of time it looked like the rain would end right before the run began and sure enough it stopped so I had high hopes for a long run with the company of others! I got 9 laps around and then the sky opened up. Easton and I quickly ran to take cover under a tent. After a little break in the rain we tried again for one more mile but then it began pouring again. 6.73 was when I called it quits.

6.73 Mile Rainy Run

As I’ve said before being a Mom will always come first. I wouldn’t put my son through running in the pouring rain, so I knew that was it for the day and that’s okay! We got to spend the rest of the time cheering on Daddy as he finished 26.53 miles in 2:41! Last training cycle he ran the same workout in 2:48 – I can’t wait to watch him run Marine Corps in October!


Sunday – 10.05 miles

I went back and forth in my head on if I wanted to try to do my long run Sunday or just axe it all together. Even Sunday morning I still couldn’t make up my mind. I decided just to start running and see how it went. I took the stroller and we started running slow and steady. I knew that I needed to take this one easy since I went out at a moderate effort Saturday and I wanted to make sure my body still was able to recover from it.

Long Run

I ran around our neighborhood and was going to cut it around 6 until mile 4 when my body finally got in a groove. I felt good and just kept running. At mile 9 I ran into my husband and he took the stroller so I could finish my run. 10.05 miles total and overall felt good!


In total last week I ran just over 43.5 miles. I felt good overall and am still happy with the progress my body is making. This off season is teaching me so much and I look forward to taking it into marathon training next month!

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