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Before I had Easton I had no idea the trials of fitting in running with a baby. I say “trials” loosely because I absolutely love every second of it. Sure, it’s easier to go without the stroller some days but having him there makes it so much more fun!

Even though it is so much fun it does take much more planning, patience, and ingenuity to get it in. I’m not new to having to work around schedules. Prior to working around my son’s schedule I worked full time outside the house and was often up as early as 3:30 AM to get in my training and make it to work on time.

We work hard for the things that are important to us. That’s what makes them so rewarding when we reach our goals because we know the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice that went into getting to that point.

Today I wanted to talk about the steps I’ve taken to make running a priority even with a small child.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

I really wish I had learned this one sooner and that is why it is my first tip. As Mom’s we often want to do everything ourselves – or maybe that is just me?

Even though having baby there with us is great sometimes it is nice to just get out there and have YOU time! Not Mom time, not Wife time – YOU time! Ask someone to watch your bay for an hour, enlist family or friends. It’s okay to have some help to keep your sanity in check!


Invest in a Good Baby Play Yard

As much as I would love to run outside every single day sometimes I can’t either due to the weather, my schedule, or Easton. There are days when the treadmill is a necessity.

As many of you know on top of our sweet Easton we are also the parents to a very energetic dog, Zoe. She’s a sweet dog but as many other dog owners may know we can’t leave her unsupervised with Easton around.

I recently was given the opportunity to try out the North States Superyard Colorplay and it has been a game changer not only for running but for helping to ensure baby’s safety while I am running. You might be thinking? Why not just use your pack n play. Easton has never liked his pack n play. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so small or he isn’t able to move as well in but when you put him in it you will typically hear crying within 1 minute. I don’t have that problem when it comes to the play yard.

The play yard is:

  • 5 square feet and 26 inches high
  • It doesn’t slip or scratch and can work on any surface
  • Lightweight and easy to take anywhere

As Mom’s we all deserve a little “us” time every day and for me that is running. This North States Superyard Colorplay allows me to get that time and know that Easton is safe from getting into something he shouldn’t and keep him separate from our pup when I am not there to monitor.

It’s super simple to put together and is easy to open and close to get baby in and out. Plus the fancy bright colors make it fun for your baby to look at!

Added bonus – there is nothing more fun than getting to make faces and talk to a little one beside you while you’re running away on the treadmill! It keeps you distracted and always makes you want to look strong when those little eyes are looking back at you!


Be Prepared to Adjust

Just when you think you have your baby or child figured out they change. It’s amazing how it happens! I’ve found the best thing I can do when trying to fit in my running is to be patient and ready to adjust when needed.

I like to run in the morning around Easton’s first nap. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I try to do it as often as I can but if Easton is having a tough morning, the weather isn’t cooperating, or I have other plans scheduled then I adjust the best I can.

The North States Superyard Colorplay allows me the freedom as well to adjust my schedule and run when it’s most convenient for us all!


Involve Your Baby

Even though running is often times a solo sport you can involve your baby in several ways!

Running with him or her in the stroller is the obvious choice but isn’t the only one! Allow your running time to be a fun time for baby as well – give them lots of toys to play, turn on their favorite movie (if their older), or just enjoy some time chatting with your little one.

I always look at it as always having a training partner right there with me!


Have a Schedule

I was a firm believer in schedules before having a baby and even more so afterwards! A running schedule keeps me accountable otherwise it would be much easier to just say “I’ll try again tomorrow.” There’s always days where it just doesn’t happen, but for the most part if I have a schedule of what I need to do I will find a way to make it happen.

Write your schedule down, put it somewhere you will see it, and try to plan out roughly a good time each day to get it done.

Now on to the FUN part! The wonderful people at North States have offered to give away a Superyard Colorplay to one of my readers! For all my other running mamas out there this will be a great way to help you get those runs done!

All you have to do is simply enter via the rafflecopter below!

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I will choose a winner on Friday, August 4th! Good luck!

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