Running isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, especially when it comes to postpartum running.

This week I had to make the decision to cut my 5k training plan short. It doesn’t mean I’m not focusing on getting my speed back, it means that I’ve decided to go about it a different way.

You see the plan I found and chose to follow had 3 workouts a week. I figured it would be fine as I have followed a 10k plan with 3 workouts previously, but as my body often reminds me it isn’t quite the same anymore postpartum.

Monday I started off with a workout that I couldn’t complete. Sure, not the end of the world but it took a lot out me. I was stressing too much and I was having a hard time finding the workouts fun anymore so I knew it was time for a change.

Every cycle doesn’t goes perfectly, but it’s important to learn when your body is giving you warning signs and it wasn’t hard to tell that those warning signs were all over the place.


Monday – 5 miles

I switched things up and went down to the track. The goal was 2 x 2 miles with 400 recovery between sets. More of an endurance workout than a speed workout but I try to switch around my workouts to help keep things fresh and I’m slowly starting to throw some workouts in at goal marathon pace to see how it feels.

My goal was 15 minutes for each 2 miles. I came through the first 2 miles at in 14:46. Doesn’t seem that off does it? The thing is when you are trying to pace yourself and your in the brutal sun and heat going even the slightest bit too fast can have some pretty detrimental effects.

5k Training Monday Workout

I started my second 2 miles and my legs just felt like they couldn’t move. To be honest I’m not sure if ti was my legs or my mind that gave up but I couldn’t do it. I stopped for water and even tried to start again but I just couldn’t. I called it a day and finished off the workout with 6 x 200 meters and one lap jog around the track.


Tuesday – 4.15 miles

Tuesday I had plans to go to my parents so I knew it would be smart to get out of the heat and take it inside to the treadmill. The goal for Tuesday was 40 minutes SUPER easy and to focus on improving my form. I used to Milestone Pod (which I’ll be doing a full review on soon) to help track my stride and focus on various parts of my form.

Easy 4 miles

This run felt decent and it was so nice to be out of the heat.


Wednesday – 3 miles

Wednesday I was going to attempt another workout but when I got out there, I just couldn’t, My body was tired, my legs were heavy, and while I know I could have pushed myself through it I was really struggling mentally talking myself into doing it.

Monday 3 Miles 5k

I texted with my husband, walked, and just tried to get to the bottom of what was making it so hard. I walk/jogged 3 miles with Easton and called it a day. Neither my mind nor my body were into it and pushing it anymore would have been a mistake so I just rested the rest of the day.


Thursday – 5.10 miles

I made the call to only run easy Thursday-Sunday. I wanted to make sure my body would recover so I set no pace and just went as slow as I needed to. It wasn’t the easiest still due to the heat but by paying attention to my hear rate I was able to make more of an effort to ensure I was letting my body recover properly.

5 Easy Miles 5k


Friday – 6.10 miles

Friday morning I woke up feeling better. Easton woke up at 4:45 and It took me about an hour to get him back down. My Mom was staying with us to help with a party we were planning for the weekend, so when I came back out of his room she was up and offered to let me go ahead and run before it got hot.

My body felt amazingly so much better running before it got hot. It was so peaceful running early and I enjoyed the time out there as the sun was rising.  I did a 4 mile warm up, 6 x 45 second hills, and a short cool down for a total of 6 miles for the day.

5k Hill Workout 6 miles

Hills are never easy but it felt so much better that time of the morning!


Saturday – Off


Sunday – 8.77 miles

I knew after the week I had that I wanted at least to get in one solid run, but I also prepared myself that it may not go as good as I wanted it to.

I got up, laced up, and headed out to the trail with Easton to hopefully get in a solid 80 minute run. I really challenged myself during this run to REALLY take it easy. I was racing no one and I didn’t care at all what the pace on my watch said at the end of it. I just wanted to have a strong run and relax.

5k Long Run 80 Minutes

It didn’t end up being the best run, but it wasn’t the worst either. The cloud cover in the beginning was great but that quickly went away and the scorching heat returned. Overall I got in 8.77 miles in 80 minutes and was happy for this run to be the wrap up to my week.


I’ve got a couple busy weeks ahead of me. We are moving in 2 weeks and I have an entire house to pack up but I’m determined to still get in a great 2-3 weeks of running regardless! I am definietly changing things up in the coming week so stay tuned for some changes that will hopefully help me being even stronger! Postpartum or not I’m ready to make it happen!

How did your running go this week?

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