I’ve written a couple times the past week about how I’ve been in a phase of very unstructured training. There was no rhyme or reason as to what I was doing each day, and while it really worked for me for a while I was starting to itch for some structure and a goal to work towards again.

This past week in all honesty has been exceptionally hard for me. I was feeling very worn out (mostly due to trying get E back on his sleeping schedule after vacation) and I was finding it hard to get the motivation to run.

In total I ran a whopping 18 miles.

If you want a quick (but not worthy of it’s own post) breakdown of my running this week:

Monday – Off
Tuesday – 7 miles
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – 9 miles
Friday – Off
Saturday – 2 miles
Sunday – Off

I could tell my body was longing for more structure and a set plan. I wanted to make sure to take enough time to recover after Boston, and I am finally feeling like I am at the point where I’m ready to start training again.

As a marathon runner running shorter distances doesn’t sound appealing to me, in fact they scare me more. Why? Mostly because to me running fast for a shorter distance hurts more than running a marathon. It’s mostly my mindset but I’ve noticed lately that my mindset definietly needs some work! Switching things up is a GREAT way to keep your body healthy and your mental health in check.

I’ve decided my next focus will be the 5k. The fun part about this training is that I have NO idea where I am at when it comes to the 5k. I haven’t run once since 2006 and that was a LONG time ago. It’s a new distance that I’ve been avoiding because it HURTS but it will also be a great change of pace for me!

I took my final day of the week off from run to make sure my body was ready to run fast. Of course, there will be easy days thrown in there but shorter and faster workouts will be a nice change of pace and will be the perfect in between as I build up to start marathon training again later in the year.

There is something so exciting about trying something new. Challenging yourself in new ways. This will be a different training because not only am I going faster but I’m going to have to do it the same way I had to do a lot of my marathon training – with my little man. That means my training will consist of both paced based and effort based runs.

5K Training

I’m still putting the finishing touches on my plan but as I pull it together I’m getting so excited. I also want to share more with you all throughout this cycle so make sure to follow me on Instagram and other social media outlets to get a first hand approach!

New things are scary. There are many unkowns and it can be pretty intimidating but it also can be the exactly what you need and SO much fun!

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