I wanted to start 5k training not only to help mix things up but also to help start working on speed again postpartum. Losing my speed during pregnancy was tough, but what has been a bit tougher for me is the process of getting it back.

Speed is tough and takes a lot of dedicated focus but little by little you do see it pay off. I’ve been putting it off for a while because sometimes (ok a lot of times) it hurts and is hard, but I also knew it was time to challenge myself in a new way. I also hope it will pay off when I begin my next marathon cycle later down the road.

I found a plan and edited it a bit to fit my needs. It included 3 workouts a week, 2 easy days, and a long run day. The difference in this plan versus many others or even my marathon plans is that everything is based on time and effort. I don’t have a set amount of miles each day I simply go based on the time that I have scheduled.

It’s a different challenge for me as someone who has been pretty obsessive with mileage in the past. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t times where I find myself wanting to push my mileage a bit more, but when I have a schedule that goes based off time I do whatever mileage I cover in that time and that’s it. No extra miles, no extra minutes – just exactly what I have planned that day.


Monday – 6.47 miles

10 minute warm up, 4 x (3 x 90 seconds at 5k effort, 1 min rest in between), 3 minutes rest in between sets, and 11 minute cool down

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for my first workout of 5k training. In some ways I was happy to do it on the treadmill and without a stroller, but in other ways I missed being outdoors. I waited until E went down for his first nap for the day and then hopped on the treadmill. I got through my warm up and two sets of the workout before he woke up. I ran upstairs, got him up, and then he joined me downstairs to finish it out.

It was nice to run quick again after many weeks of mostly easy running. It was hard but I enjoyed the challenge and really felt like I started the new training cycle off on a great note!


Tuesday – 4.10 miles

4 miles easy

Easy miles are SO SO important for my training. If I don’t take them easy then not only will I increase my risk of injury but I will find myself burnt out and exhausted with 3 workouts a week. It felt so nice to be back outside after being on the treadmill and a rainy Monday! I averaged a 9:15 pace for this run and really enjoyed going slow and enjoy the time with my little man.


Wednesday – 6.15 miles

10 minute warm up, 30 minutes moderate, 10 x 16 seconds FAST

Wednesday Workout

My second workout of the week was a moderate effort run. I never really know what that means for my pace so I just went out there and did what I felt was a “moderate” pace for the day. I did have to do this run with the stroller so I just cleared me head and tried to have fun with it!

I averaged a 7:48 pace for the 30 minutes and covered 3.84 miles. Overall, I was really happy with this workout.


Thursday – 4.10 miles

4 easy miles

Thursday was another 4 easy miles and it was such a beautiful day. I had to really hold myself back because the cooler temperates just made me want to run faster but I knew my body needed to recover and get ready for another workout on Saturday.





Saturday – 6.15 miles

12 minute warm up, 4 x 5 minutes steady (2 minute recovery between each), and a 12 minute cool down

5k Track Workout

We were still at my parents on Saturday morning so my Mom stayed with E while Wes and I went on a morning track date. It was HOT on the track, much hotter than I had originally expected. The first set of 5 minutes went okay but I could tell that it was going to be a struggle with the heat.

I positive split this workout like a pro, BUT I still got it done and did it with the effort that I needed to. Not every workout is going to be your fastest, but it is important that the effort is there.


Sunday – 7 miles

The plan for Sunday is a 70 minute long run. The long runs on this training cycle are all easy running and are just simply to get some longer time on my feet. I’m looking forward to some quality stroller running with my boy!


It was a good first week. I have a long way to go but I enjoyed the effort and work! Here’s to 7 more weeks!

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