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2017 Boston Goals

Ever race I go into I set goals. Usually they are pretty obvious like they were for the Kiawah Island Marathon (2014) and Chicago Marathon (2015).

Goals always help me race at my best and focus on what’s really important in each race. I think it’s good to set a variety of goals because it’s rare that we are to hit them all. That’s the way of the marathon.

Boston this year is a race unlike anything I’ve run before. Not only is it my first time running it but I’m at a very different place in my life than I was for my past marathons. I want to have goals but I also want to just go out and enjoy every mile. So, this morning as I was running I started to think about realistic goals (and then of course a stretch goal) that I wanted to set for myself.


Enjoy EVERY mile.

When I race sometimes I get so focused on the time, mile splits, and pacing that I will forget small or large parts of the course. I don’t want this to happen in Boston. I don’t know when I will be back (but I will be back) so I want to make sure to take in every single mile.

That doesn’t meant that it’s not going to hurt, but I want to be able to enjoy even the pain because there once was a time I wasn’t even sure this was going to be able to happen.


Finish Strong.

It’s a simple goal, but I want to make sure when I cross that finish line I am smiling and enjoying the moment! In Chicago in 2015 I didn’t have my ideal race and I was so destroyed at the end that I remember just wanting the race to end.

This time I want to wish that I could still be out there, even though I know I’ll be so excited to see my hubby and sweet boy at the end (and my parents too)!


Always Smile.

Ok I may seem cheesy but have you ever looked at your race pictures and realized you look like you are in pain the entire time? I’m not always a fan of race pictures but I want to make sure you can see the joy and the true happiness that I feel being blessed to be able to run this race.

Even through the pain and those tough miles I want to be doing it with a SMILE on my face!


Don’t get caught up in other people’s races.

It’s easy to want to run faster when you see those around you running past you. It will be even more the case this year since the time I used to qualify is not where I am going to be. Just like with any race it is important for me to stick to my race plan and not worry about anyone else.

If I can stick to my plan it will make the race more enjoyable.


My goals are simple, and if you notice there aren’t any pace or time goals in there. To be honest, I don’t really know where I’m at. Most of my runs were simply based off effort and some days paces would feel easier than others. I also ran a majority with the stroller which also makes it hard for me to be able to tell what I’m capable of. That’s why I chose to go in without a plan and just run. 

I was talking to my friend Meridith the other day and she said “runners always have goals even when they say they don’t.” Isn’t that the truth!? So…….I do have a stretch goal that I will only really go for if I get to a certain point in the course and feel good.


I want to break 4:00 hours.

There was a time when this would have been so simple, but now I’m not so sure if it is or not. It’s so odd not being able to tell where I’m at fitness wise but I would say on a perfect day I’d love to see a sub-4 hour marathon. Am I going to be upset if I don’t? Nope. It’s my stretch goal so if I don’t it’s not the end of the world. I know I’ve lost speed from pregnancy running and postpartum and that’s okay.

At the end of the day I just want to finish, enjoy every moment, and see my sweet hubby and son at the finish line!

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