Hooray hooray marathon week is here! Not just any marathon week – a marathon week that has been 2 years in the making for me!

I’ve done a few day in the life posts before (you can see some of my past ones here, here, and here), but I thought it might be nice to do one the week before my marathon because in our house things do change a little bit. It makes it easier that it’s marathon week for both my husband and myself so that we both get what must happen.

This day in the life was actually Monday, but most of the days look about the same give or take a few things. My runs obviously are cutting back as the week progresses but overall my days are structured a lot the same.

We are also working on getting sleep in our house after a tough 2 weeks. We’ve been making some strides so I’m hopeful for a good weekend but you know how it is to take a baby out of their normal environment and schedule – anything is possible! Ha!


6:05 AM: (I could have started way before this but I had to choose a time) E starts getting restless so I go in and nurse him for a bit. He usually doesn’t start his day until 7:30 AM so I try to do it gently and quiet so he knows to go back to sleep.


7:25 AM: E is up again but this time for good. I go in, give lots of hugs and kisses, change his diaper, and get him dressed for the day. This is always such a fun time of my day because there is absolutely nothing better than seeing sweet baby smiles when you first wake up.


7:45 AM: Make coffee, fix my toast, and let E spend some time with his daddy after he gets back from his run. It’s always my chance to get in some caffeine before Wes has to get ready to go to work.

Day in the Life Wes and E

8:00 AM: Nurse E and get him well fed to get the day started. This usually takes a while with him because he is more of a “grazer” when it comes to eating, but that is another thing that we are trying to work on.


8:30 AM: After E has finished eating we play for a bit before heading to pump. I’m still trying to keep my supply up as much as I can so I try to pump after as many feedings as possible. Now that E is able to occupy himself a bit more it makes it easier.


8:50 AM: Pump for 20 minutes and then get changed into my running clothes to start the process of heading out to the trail to run. I fix a bottle of breastmilk to take just in case, grab my water, get E in his car seat, and get all of us into the car to head to run.

Day in the Life Run


9:30 AM: Head to the local trail where I’ve been getting most of my runs done these days and get in my last semi-workout of this marathon cycle. I started with 2 miles easy, 2 miles moderate, and 1 mile easy (9:16, 8:58, 8:11, 8:15, 9:00). It was a good last workout but the lack of sleep was definietly starting to catch up to me.

Day in the Life Post Run


10:45 AM: Get back in the car and feed E once he wakes up from his nap. He is big on napping in the stroller and sometimes it is his best nap of the day (though we are working on that).


11:00 AM: Head out and go get some grocery shopping done to pick up a few necessities for the week. Pasta, water, and pineapple. Big time items for the week before my marathon!


12:30 PM: Head back home and fix a much needed lunch. I was starving but had to get E calmed down first. Ended up fixing 1 egg, 1 egg white, cheese, spinach, toast, blueberries, and blackberries. It was the perfect lunch and quick which is a must these days!

Day in the Life Lunch


1:00 PM: Head to try and get E down for another nap. We sit in his room, rock, put him in his crib and finally after a couple of tries he naps! I spend some time stretching in his room to make sure he is really asleep. We are working hard to get this napping thing down, though I know it is going to take quite a while.

Day in the Life E Nap


1:20 PM: Head out and sweep and mop the floors and get my laptop out to get some work done. Just as I am about to starting working E is up again.


2:00 PM: Get E up, feed, change his diaper, and then it’s play time for a little while.

Day in the Life E Play Time


3:00 PM: E is occupied so I take advantage of the time and get some work done on my computer. It doesn’t last too long but every little bit counts!


3:30 PM: Daddy surprises us and gets off work early! We spend some time playing before it’s time to get ready for the final nap of the day. E goes down pretty well for this one (hooray) and we cook and eat dinner while he is still sleeping.

Day in the Life E Sunglasses

Monday we had chicken and veggies for dinner, our last night of focusing on protein. The rest of the week will consist of mostly pasta and other carbohydrates. Foods high in fiber are also cut out.


5:30 PM: Head to the store to grab some ice cream and a few other essentials (ha!) and then head back to start our bedtime routine and for me to jump on a work call.


6:00 PM: Hop on a work call real quick for about 45 minutes. We are a bit late starting the bedtime routine but it all worked out fine.


6:40 PM: Start nursing E and giving him his last feeding for the day, bath time, rock a bit, read, and then it’s time for bed!

Day in the Life Sleep

This picture was actually from Tuesday. We are testing out Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit in hopes that it helps with our sleeping difficulties! 


7:30 PM: E is down for the night so I quickly get on my computer to get caught up on things. Start working on a blog post, schedule some upcoming social media posts for work, and then clean up around the house.


8:45 PM: I don’t have much energy left in me after a couple weeks of little sleep so I go ahead and start getting ready for bed. Take Zoe out, clean up the final things around the house, and pump for 20 minutes before turning out the light.


9:15 PM: Just before going to bed E wakes up in his crib. I go in, calm him down, nurse him a bit, and then back to sleep. We proceeded to wake up every 2 hours after that for the rest of the night.


10:00 PM: Finally lay down to sleep (until E’s next waking)


And…that’s a wrap! Nothing too exciting but we keep it simple on marathon week!

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