There is a lot of information out there about running. Many opinions, options, and plans that it can often seem overwhelming. It’s easy to get so focused on all the information out there that we starting falling for some of the “lies” about running.

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I’m sure it’s no shock to you that not everything you read is true. However; when it comes to some of the lies they can actually be dangerous and lead you towards injury.


Lie #1: Easy Days Aren’t Important

Easy runs are often not given enough credit and I’m not sure why because they are SO important. An easy day is not the same thing as a rest day. They are often easy for people to skip, but they are so important for recovery! The key for an easy day is that they are run easy. If you are running them too fast then they are not serving their purpose.

Take your easy days easy and don’t even worry about your pace. Go as slow as you want to because the whole focus of an easy day is to allow your body to recover, usually after a workout or long run.


Lie #2: You Have to Have Talent to be a Runner

I am not a talented runner. I know that sounds weird, but in all honesty I don’t have talent. I will work really hard and that is where I succeed. I didn’t play sports in high school or college, and really only did occasional athletic activities for fun. When I started running it was something so foreign to me and was extremely hard in the beginning.

You don’t have to have talent to be a runner. As long as you are will to be consistent and work hard than you can truly do anything you put your mind to!


Lie #3: You Need a Lot of Fancy Gear to be a Runner

Fancy gear is great but really the only thing you need to run is a pair of running shoes, shorts, a top, and a good sports bra (for the ladies out there). The fancy watches are nice but it’s not something that you have to have to be a runner. Sometimes my best runs are the ones without “technology.”

Lace up your shoes and go out there and just run. So many times these days the gear ends up making it more complicated than it needs to be.


Lie #4: Running Gets Easier

If you are a new runner, hear me out on this one before you give up. Running is always a challenge. Some days you do feel great and you feel like you are finally get the hang of this thing, then just as quickly as that thought comes you have a really tough run. No matter how long you’ve been running or how many miles you run we are all going to have really hard runs. Runs where you feel like your’e back at the very beginning again.

Hang in through the tough runs, because eventually you get one of those wonderful ones that make it all worth while.


Lie #5: A Training Plan Will Work for Everyone

There is a reason there are so many coaches out there. Everyone is different and responds to training in different ways. I’ve tried several training plans over there years and even done my own from time to time. I’ve had success with some and not so much with others.

You will learn over time how your body responds to different types of training. You have to find what works for you whether it is a training plan or a coach. Sometimes the “cookie cutter” training plans aren’t enough and having someone who experience and knowledge to help train you in a way that works with your body is necessary.


Lie #6: You Need to Run More Miles to Improve

There are some people who benefit from increasing their miles, but there are also some that this is just setting yourself up for injury. Adding more miles doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a better runner. If you want to increase your speed then workouts for speed and tempo runs are important.

Increasing your endurance is important especially for longer distance races such as the marathon, but still should be done in a slow gradual manner to make sure it does safely.


What is a common running lie you run into most often?

Common Lies about Running

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