I’ve written countless time on the blog about marathon training essentials – I mean this is primarily a running blog. However; as my life has changed so have those essentials. Postpartum running has brought different needs through marathon training.

Running as a new Mom has its own challenges but it is by far more rewarding. The timing of my pregnancy, birth, and the Boston Marathon has meant that I have had to get creative when it comes to running. I’m trying to make sure I fit in the miles needed each week so that I can have a strong race, while also not having too many excessive miles that take me away from Easton for too long. Training these days is definietly about quality of quantity.

As the weeks past I am getting more comfortable with how to make it work and I know longer feel guilt about making the time for myself.

Being a Mom and training for a marathon sometimes requires different than just your Garmin, favorite running shorts, tank, and running shoes.


Rock N Play

If you are a Mom to a young baby or newborn then I can’t tell you how wonderful the Rock N Play has been for me. I set this up downstairs next to my treadmill and place Easton in it so that I can run on the treadmill. The rocking motion helps calm him and he can sit there next to me while I run.

Boston Week 2

Even though it’s not a guarantee I make it through the run, it’s much more convenient then running back and forth upstairs each time he wakes back up in his crib.

If you have a treadmill at home then a rock n play is a great investment for running! It’s also a great napping tool for newborns so I highly recommend it.


Nursing Sports Bra

At first I didn’t think I would get much use out a nursing sports bra, but it has really come in handy during my weekly runs when I’m home alone with Easton. Instead of having to take layers off to feed him should he get fussy while on the treadmill, the nursing sports bra makes it quick and easy.

1 month postpartum

My current favorite sports bra is the Mumm Active Sweetheart Nursing Sports Bra. It’s something you don’t find very often in nursing bras as well – comfortable AND cute!


Manual Breast Pump

I received an electric breast pump for free through my insurance shortly before Easton arrived; however, when I started running again I knew it wasn’t really practical since it always had to be plugged into the wall (I got the Spectra 2 and really love it for my electric pump).

I started reading up on manual breast pumps and knew it was definietly a good investment. I was originally recommended by several women the Medela Harmony. Even though it got great reviews I never was able to get much out when using it. I then purchased the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump and had much better success.

While everyone responds to different manual pumps differently they are extremely handy to take with you or have near the treadmill. I always try to feed and pump right before I begin my run.



Not long after I first started this blog I did a review on the FlipBelt; however, I have used it more since becoming pregnancy and postpartum than I ever did before.

I always take my FlipBelt out on runs for two main reasons: my phone and water. Typically if I am out running someone is back at home watching Easton. I don’t like running without my phone and the FlipBelt has been one of the most comfortable running belts for me to wear. They have also created water bottles that fit within the FlipBelt and make it easy to carry water with me. Water is so important all the time for runners, but especially while breast feeding.


Support Belt

Many of you know I used a support belt during pregnancy, but I have used it just as most postpartum. If you are training for a marathon especially before you have gotten your core back to where it once was then a support belt can come in handy.

I used the Mom Bod Fitness FitSplint for both and it has done wonders in helping support my core that is weakened after giving birth. I won’t have to wear it forever but during these early weeks it really helps give you a little extra support. It is a bit thick and can make you sweat more, but for me the benefits outweighed that fact.


Running a marathon postpartum comes with its own obstacles and requires a bit more planning but it can be done and safely. Each of these products is playing a role in my training for Boston.

This post was not sponsored and each of these products are ones that I use throughout my training.

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