I’m only (almost) 3 weeks into this motherhood journey and I can already tell you it is the most rewarding but also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I love every moment of the newborn stage, even if the ones where I doubt if I am doing anything right. Yes, those moments happen more often than I’d like to admit.

I’ll be going deeper into some of those fears and moments in later posts, but today I wanted to focus in on a few products that have been a LIFE saver during the last 3 weeks (and for many more to come).

The newborn stage often seems like a constant repeat of: sleep, eat, and poop. That’s what my days revolve around though I’m excited that Easton is slowly becoming more alert in between sleeps which makes it even more fun!

I can tell you for sure one of the biggest things that has helped me has been such a strong support system. From my husband always being there and helping out with so much around the house, my Mom who has come up and stayed with me a night or two each week just to help me adjust and get things done, and my wonderful friends and family who have allowed me to ask a million probably crazy questions and have always given me their honest opinion and advice. Without a doubt they have all have been such a blessing to me during these first several weeks.

That being said there have also been a few products that I’ve come across that have been such a life savor to me during this newborn stage.

My Must Have Products Newborn Stage


During the first week or two that Easton was home he went through periods where he had his nights and days confused. This is pretty normal for newborns, but I did want to start working on helping him distinguish between the two.

One of the recommendations I read was to swaddle them at night and then let them sleep unswaddled during the day. This can help them to start understanding the difference. We got several of the SwaddleMe‘s during our baby shower and I took them out to see how he would do. Not only are they easy to get on and off when we have a diaper change, but they really have helped!

Plus, it was a perk that they had them in our nautical nursery theme!


Rock N’ Play

The first day we went to work our registry I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea what we needed and what we didn’t. I didn’t know what babies needed or what is just put in our heads to think they need by various stores. One item though that I had heard about was a Rock N’ Play. I didn’t realize the importance of it but threw it on our list at the last minute.

My cousin actually purchased it for us off our registry. It was one of the last things that I put together before he arrived and I wasn’t even sure how often I would use it. It only took me a few days to realize just how amazing this thing is, especially for naps during the day!

I don’t know where we would be without this thing and it has saved me so many times! If you are starting your registry I highly suggest adding this!


Hushh Portable Sound Machine

I was sent the Hushh Portable Sound Machine to try out when I was still pregnant. I remember seeing it and trying to figure out how often I would actually use it. I love sound machines and we even use one in our room every night to help drown out the noise.

The second night that Easton was home he started sleeping in a Pack N’ Play beside our bed (I slept on the couch the first night with him in the pack n’ play). My husband had to go back to work after only 1 day off so I knew I would be having to get up a lot and take him out of the room when he wakes up. I couldn’t see what I was doing but didn’t want to have to turn on my phone light because of how bright it was.

I hooked up the Hushh onto his pack n’ play and turned it on. I also turned on the night light which gave me just enough light to see him and get him in the middle of the night, without lighting up too much of the room. It plays white noise as well which helps to drown out extra noise at night. It is one item we have used every single day since!


Dr Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer

We originally were not going to introduce the bottle until at least 3-4 weeks for our little guy, but due to some supply issues and needing to pump to get things moving along we ended up giving him his first bottle least week at around 2 weeks. Thankfully it has worked perfectly and he hasn’t had any nipple confusion as of yet.

I wasn’t sure if the bottle sterilizer was really worth it in the beginning. Some people will say its a waste and others swear by it, for me it has truly been a life savor! Between pump parts and bottles I feel like I am always washing something and the convenience of just being able to throw the parts in the sterilizer a couple times a week has been so wonderful to me.

We chose the Dr Brown’s Bottle Sterilizer and love it! We are able to put any brand of bottle in it and its so quick and easy to use.


While there are still many things I use daily these have been a big help in the first couple weeks with a newborn. I believe you have to find the things that make it easier for you and go with it. I’m figuring this whole journey out as I go but loving it!

Must Have Newborn

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