I typically post about all things running on my blog, but since I’m in a bit of a hiatus with running until our little man decides to show up I thought I would share something a little different with you all today. I’ll start by saying I am definietly no interior design star, but I thought it’d be fun to do a little nautical nursery tour!

When we first found out we were pregnant I started browsing Pinterest and other sites to get some inspiration. Before we knew the gender, I had already decided that we would go with a neutral light grey wall because it made it easier when we eventually move. If it had been a girl I was going to go with a coral type accent color and for a boy I had already decided on navy/grey/white. It was simple but I didn’t want anything extravagant.

After some searching I fell in love with the nautical theme. My husband and I both love the beach and it seemed like a nice simple approach. With a little help from family and friends, the nursery is finally ready (just in time) for his arrival!

This post will be filled with lots of pictures, so I apologize in advance.

Here is a peek into the nautical nursery for our sweet boy:


Nautical Nursery 2


Our idea and concept was extremely simple. Our main colors were grey, navy, and white. I did end up adding a few different blue colors throughout, but for the most part we stuck to the theme. We found a lot of our nautical wall items from Hobby Lobby. Turns out they have a really good selection of art! The little sail boats were gifts from my baby showers.

The only item that I went back and forth on was the glider. We simply couldn’t find a dark wood glider that we were happy with, so ended up order this glider off Amazon. It works perfect and didn’t break the bank in the mean time.


Nautical Nursery 2


This isn’t nautical themed per say, but my friend Meridith sent me this when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. I loved all that it said and just wanted to include it in the nursery. You can find a similar one here**.




We found our crib at Target and put it on our registry. We knew it wouldn’t get purchased for us, but we were able to get 15% off of it when we went to purchase it. I really love it!

We also went with the matching dresser which was extremely difficult (not difficult per say) but it came in a million different pieces and took us over 3 hours in total to get it put together. It looks great in the end, but it wasn’t the easiest to assemble.

Also pictured is our 4 Mom’s MamaRoo which was a gift from my parents and our Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper which will probably end up getting moved into our living room once he arrives.


Nautical Nursery 9


As I talked about earlier, I just loved all the nautical items at Hobby Lobby and I had to really control myself not to go out of control when we were planning it out.


Nautical Nursery 4


Nautical Nursery 8


One of my amazing coworkers made us this chalkboard for my work baby shower. I really loved it and immediately knew that it would fit perfectly with the nursery!


Nautical Nursery 11


We had to buy a simple “DIY” bookshelf from Target to add a bit more storage space in the nursery. Right now we’ve got our humidifier and sound machine on it, but we will have to move the humidifier closer to the crib when we need to use it.

I’m pretty obsessed with the sound machine we chose because it also works as a nightlight and projector.


Nautical Nursery 7


We wanted a nursery that was simple and clean and I think we were able to achieve that. The original room was a light yellow, so we had to repaint it prior to starting the nursery. It will be nice through because when we do choose to move we don’t have to worry about painting it back.

I’m really excited for our sweet boy to get here and finally make the nursery complete!



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