Can your mattress really affect your running performance?

We all know sleep is so important to your performance. Ever since we moved to Virginia and my husband started his medical residency we both get up between 4:00-4:30 AM every day during the week to get in our training. Even now that I’m pregnant, I still get in my runs early because the energy just isn’t there at the end of the day.

Over the past year or so we’ve both been really struggling with our mattress. It was hand-me-down when we moved and even though we were so thankful for it, it just wasn’t very comfortable for either of us. Add in the extra discomfort as pregnancy progresses and we both weren’t sleeping well and it was especially starting to hurt my husband’s performance as he prepares for Chicago in October.

We had heard about Performa Sleep while doing some online research.  It really peaked our interested when we read the following on their website:



“The benefits of a PerformaSleep mattress are numerous. Our athlete-targeted sleep technology was created with three layers to ease muscle tension, boost recovery, and soothe hard-working bodies. PerformaSleep has developed superior mattress technology specifically designed for those with an active lifestyle based on research and experience. We believe when you sleep better you train and perform better.”

Sounds pretty amazing right? Between pregnancy, my husband’s high milage training, my running during pregnancy, and just the stresses of life we both thought this could provide some great benefits for us.


So, what makes PerformaSleep so great for athletes?

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.37.22 PM


CopperCool Gel Foam

The CopperCool gel foam technology not only helps to keep your body cool but uses the healthy benefits from copper for body recovery and balance.  The cool and conductive CopperCool gel foam layer is infused with copper to support the back and joints, maintain a comfortable temperature, and aid recovery.  Copper is also known for its anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, keeping it hygienic as possible.

Enersorb Technology

If you have ever tried a memory foam mattress in the past, you may have noticed many of these create a sinkhole where you are in the bed. The Enersorb technology in the PerformaSleep offers support throughout by creating a pressure gradient across the body for rapid response to movement. You get the bounce bank and pushback necessary to contour your body without feeling like you are quicksand. It also is highly breathable and provides airflow throughout.

Base Layer

The base layer in the PerformaSleep mattress was developed to be strong and composed to high-density foam for maximum support.


Obviously the mattress sounds amazing, but if you are anything like us you are a little skeptical until you try it out for yourself.

Photo Jun 18, 5 17 43 PM

The mattress itself is delivered to your house all wrapped up. It is still quite heavy, but makes it much easier to move instead of a mattress folded out flat. You can get it positioned into any room easily regardless of the space you have.

Photo Jun 18, 5 19 17 PM

As you can tell, my husband didn’t waste a minute trying it out!

Once we got the bed positioned the first thing I noticed was how light and easy it was to move. Traditional mattresses I have used in the past have taken a lot of work for me to set up, but this was simple, easy, and set up in minutes.

The true test came from actually sleeping on it. Over the years I’ve come to prefer firm mattresses but not too firm that they hurt my back. Finding something that is the perfect combination of both is tricky, but I was surprised at just how firm and supportive it felt without losing its “softness.”

I was a little worried I would have trouble with it because in the past memory foam mattresses and I have not had much luck. I always felt like I was sleeping in a hole and it made it very uncomfortable. The great thing about PerformaSleep is that it contours to your body without losing support.

We always give it at least a month before making a decision on the mattress mostly because I’ve learned the hard way that what my body likes one day it may not like a week from now.

Photo Jun 18, 5 21 51 PM

The biggest things I’ve learned and love about this PerformaSleep mattress:

  • It supports my hips and back when sleeping which is something I really struggle with when pregnant.
  • It truly does keep your body cool and I don’t feel like I am overheating at night. This is a big one for both of us because there is nothing worse than a hot mattress.
  • We both not only fall asleep quicker but we sleep more soundly not waking up as much during the night.
  • I asked my husband how his performance improved and he said that with the PerformaSleep he has noticed more freshness in his legs, better quality of sleep, and just overall better recovery. As we all know the better you sleep the better your body can perform so it really has been a big help as he ramps up for Chicago.
  • I have at times been able to lie on the mattress without a pillow and slept comfortably! It’s rare that I can find a mattress that can also support my neck and head.
  • This mattress is a great in between for those who sleep with a partner who prefers a different type of mattress. My husband and I definitely have differing opinions on what is comfortable when it comes to mattresses, which is one of the reasons it has been so hard for us to find something we can both benefit from. The amazing thing is that we both love this mattress and sleep better than we did before.


If you are in the market for a new but affordable mattress, check out PerformaSleep! It is comfortable, can help you recover faster, keep you cool during the night, and enhance your performance with a better night’s sleep!

PerformaSleep provided me the mattress for review, but all opinions are my own. This is a product that I can 100% say we have loved and has been able to change my quality of sleep.

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