First off, thank you all for your patience. We had our reveal on Saturday but wanted to share with a few people before we posted it online for the world to know.

We had a wonderful party with family and close friends on Saturday. I’ll be honest and say having parties is stressful for me, but it truly was a wonderful time and I am so glad that I did it.

Photo Jul 23, 12 00 47 PM

Our parents were able to come up early and help us set things up. It is such a blessing having their help!

Photo Jul 23, 2 24 22 PM

We had a voting poll and by the time we did the reveal it was split evenly between boy and girl. All of the old wives tales had been pretty split.

Photo Jul 23, 2 24 13 PM

In case you can’t read the board above here were some of them:

Cravings – Salty (BOY)
Emotions – Happy (BOY)
Morning Sickness – No (BOY)
Sleep on – Right (GIRL)
Headaches – No (GIRL)
Ring Test – Circle (GIRL)
Chinese Calendar – BOY
Skin – Dry (BOY)
Heart Rate – > 140 (GIRL)


Wes and I had decided to find out at the anatomy scan together on July 11th. It would have been fun to find out with everyone else, but we also really wanted to have that private moment together to find out. However; we were able to keep it a secret from our family and friends for TWO weeks. That is not an easy task!

We found some awesome Powder Cannons to shoot off for our reveal. We wanted to do something a little different. I tried hard to come up with something running related, but couldn’t end up coming up with anything. Overall though, I think they worked perfectly!


Enough about all this, let’s get to what you are really here for!


Our precious baby is a…..

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