The first piece of advice I got when I first stated sharing with other mom’s that I was pregnant was – don’t avoid maternity clothes because you will feel so much better once you get them!

Of course, for the first 15 weeks I really didn’t need them. I was fitting in most my jeans still and just needed to purchase a few looser tops to make it through those early weeks. However; around week 16 I began to notice that I was having to use the hair tie trick to wear my jeans, my shirts weren’t fitting me that well anymore, and most items were just really awkward to wear.

I wear jeans 24/7, especially to work as my work is very business casual. However, wearing jeans was getting harder and harder because I kept getting so warm and they just weren’t fitting anymore. Unfortunately my job requires me to sit quite a lot and they were so uncomfortable I was always looking forward to getting home and changing into yoga pants.

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I was offered the chance to try out Prego Leggings and it seemed the best of both worlds. Long pants that I can wear to work but also still a stretchy and comfortable material. I was also excited because living in Danville leaves you with little to no options of maternity clothes in store. I have to drive at least 45 minutes to find even an Old Navy that has maternity clothes.

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My excitement tripled the moment I tried them on. I understand now why so many women suggested I get maternity pants when I felt like the time is right. I no longer had to struggle with the frustration of trying to squeeze into pants or use my hair tie which worked about half of the time.

Aside from them being extremely comfortable, I was relieved to discover they were light enough to be worn in the summer! They would also be great to wear during the winter with a long sweater or dress. I’m sure I’ll be using them lots during both seasons!

Preggo leggings come in a variety of colors, but I’m a pretty neutral color kind of girl so I opted to go with the Mom’s Night Out (black) and Ice Ice Baby (grey).

What makes Preggo Leggings so great?

  • Polyester/Spandex blend
  • Designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy
  • Made from a soft, easy-care stretch fabric
  • High rise that fits completely over the belly
  • Easy Sizing
  • Hand wash cold

I really liked the fact that I can wear these for all of the next 5-6 months that I have left of pregnancy. They are going to get lots of use out of them and they will grow with me. I don’t want to collect a ton of maternity clothes because I won’t wear them forever, but a few pieces like this are perfect to have as a part of my wardrobe.

Photo Jul 07, 6 05 38 PM

As you can tell I’m no fashion blogger and don’t plan to ever be. Ha!

Another worry of mine was that they would be see through. I’ve had leggings disappoint me in the past with this, but thankfully they were perfect! You couldn’t see through them but they weren’t too thick to where they were too hot.

These are amazing leggings for those who are just beginning their pregnancy journey or are in their last trimester. I look forward to even using these after the baby while I’m still in the transition phase where my pre-pregnancy pants still don’t fit.

Great leggings, great quality, and perfect for all mamas-to-be!

Disclosure: Preggo Leggings provided me with the leggings for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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