This is my personal experience with running and pregnancy. Please consult your Doctor before stating any exercise program.

We are halfway there! It’s hard to believe that in just 20 more weeks (maybe less maybe more) we will have a sweet little baby become part of our family. We’ve got a lot of work to do but I know we will get it done in time! The summer is always such a crazy time so we’ve been putting off things for a while.

Our gender reveal party was last night. Make sure to check back on the blog tomorrow morning for the announcement! I knew I wouldn’t have it all ready in time to go up with this post today, and there are still a few people we want to tell. We are so excited to finally share it with everyone!

Anyways, back to week 20!

This week was a tiring one for my body. I tried to push the miles a little bit and I think I may have tired myself out during the early part of the work week. I will get into that a little bit more in a bit, but I’m learning that even a little increase can be a lot for my body these days.

Here’s a look into week 20.


Baby in Week 20

20 weeks: This little one is the size of banana. It is roughly 10 ounces and 6.5 inches long. I’ve definitely felt some stretching this week so I can tell things are growing in there!

Photo Jul 23, 8 22 23 PM

This was taken at our gender reveal party.


Weight Gained: I haven’t weighed myself since our anatomy scan on 7/11. I was roughly 8-10 lbs then so I would figure I am still somewhere around 10-12 lbs if I am gaining weight as my doctor would suggest. Overall, not too concerned with it and things seem to be progressing naturally with it.


Symptoms: No nausea this week again. Still lots of exhausting days and there was one mild break down this week at one point (we are being honest here right?!). For the most part during the pregnancy so far my emotions haven’t been too bad but this week I just had a lot on me at once and I lost it a bit. Thank goodness that is over! I’m sure it won’t be the last before this little baby is born.


Food Aversions: I don’t know if it was an aversion but usually around 10:00 AM each day I eat a snack. I’ve been eating lots of Greek yogurt with various toppings. I accidentally had picked up a different yogurt and the moment I put it in my mouth to eat I almost gagged. I’m not sure if I would have liked it if I wasn’t pregnant but it definitely was awful to me.


Food Cravings: No real big cravings still love Cheeseburgers and fries. It’s a good thing that our gender reveal is a cook out so I will get to satisfy that craving!


Sleep: This week has really been hit or miss with sleep. There were a few nights I passed out and slept almost the whole way through, and then the other nights were the complete opposite. I tossed and turned most of the night. I think it’s just part of the process, but this little one is already keeping me up a lot of nights! 🙂


Baby Items Purchased: Still pretty low on baby items. Once the gender reveal is complete we are going to go start looking for a few things and work on our registry! It’s exciting and definitely something I want to get a move on because it’s starting to make me anxious.


Exciting Things Happening This Week: Our gender reveal! But you all already knew that right?


Looking forward To: The secret finally being out and getting things started. Maybe it is the nesting in me coming out but I am really looking forward to starting to make room in our house for this newest addition. I am so blessed!


Running in Week 20

As I mentioned earlier the beginning of this week was a little rough. I upped my miles during the week, even though it was only by 2. I did it by running in the afternoon one day with my husband since he doubles usually 2-3 times per week as he is upping his miles to begin his Chicago Marathon training.

Thursday morning’s run felt really long and tiring. I figured it was just because of the extra miles on Wednesday but it usually feels tiring so I didn’t think much about it. Thursday evening my leg was aching horribly. At first I thought it was just sore but it continued all night and even made it really difficult for me to go to sleep. Thankfully Friday was a rest day. We aren’t sure if it is something more serious, sciatica, or just a random pregnancy thing but we are keeping an eye out and I may have to adjust my mileage in the future a bit. No extra miles are worth getting injured and setting me back even further.


Here is a look at my running this week:

 Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.32.46 AM

Monday – 6.13 miles outside

Tuesday  – 6.13 miles outside

Wednesday – 4.12 miles outside in the AM/20 minutes spinning AM and 2.02 miles in the PM

Thursday -6.14 miles outside

Friday – Off

Saturday – 10.12 miles outside

Sunday – 6 miles outside


This was my highest mileage week so far this pregnancy. I hit a total of 40 miles. I don’t think I’ll be getting higher than that for the rest of this pregnancy, but we will see! I felt good for the most part except for Thursday. I’m still keeping an eye on things and may make some adjustments in the coming weeks.

Photo Jul 20, 5 58 23 AM

Saturday I had to get up and get out the door before 6:00 AM to avoid the awful heat that is hitting us this weekend. It actually went okay but I had to get a bit creative when it came to staying near my water bottle because even though the heat was down the humidity was still pretty tough. I had no pain in my leg though so I’m thinking more that the pain Thursday was sciatica or just really tired legs.

Photo Jul 23, 7 48 27 AM


Make sure to check back tomorrow for our gender reveal!

How did your running go this week?


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