This is my personal experience with running and pregnancy. Please consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program.

Even though some days I feel like this pregnancy is moving really slowly, it’s hard to believe we are already finishing up week 17. In just 2 weeks I will be halfway through! It is pretty hard to believe but exciting all at the same time. This week was a bit difficult with running, but overall feeling pretty good and there isn’t too much I can complain about.


Baby in Week 17

17 weeks: This little one is the size of a turnip or pomegranate (depending on what site you look at). It’s roughly 5 inches long and 5 oz.

Photo Jul 02, 5 05 19 PM

I’m slowly feeling a little less chubby and a little more pregnant, but still not quite there yet. That’s okay though!


Weight Gained: I had to go in for some blood work on Monday and they did a quick weight in. Looks like I am gaining weight quicker than I expected and I am around 10 lbs. I won’t lie sometimes that’s hard for me to see, BUT I know that my body is gaining the weight that it needs to allow for a healthy and beautiful baby and that is enough to help ease my mind.


Symptoms: Thankfully this week I didn’t have any more nausea like I had experienced in the week before. I am still really tired and it seems like mornings are getting more and more difficult for me, but doing what I can! Other than that just some stretching and pulling which is to be expected.


Food Aversions: Still nothing. This is a good thing!


Food Cravings: I am back to craving all the salty things instead of sweets. Week 16 must just have been a weird one. I really love chips, cheeseburgers, and fries. You know – all the healthy stuff! Ha! I am back to craving “real” foods as opposed to sweets.


Sleep: Much like last week, I still am sleeping well but when I wake up I just don’t feel well rested. I know part of this has to do with the fact that I still get up early in the morning to run but it can be frustrating some days. I’m just learning to accept it. I doubt sleep is going to get much better as time progresses in pregnancy, so I am just going with the flow!


Baby Items Purchased: We still haven’t purchased many baby items but I have finally broke down and bought some maternity items which has been really nice and made me feel better. I still haven’t gotten any maternity pants, but I have a feeling those are going to be in the cards for me here before too long.


Exciting Things Happening This Week: Not too much going on. We did have our Quad Screen on done on Monday and everything came back negative. Other than that, nothing too exciting went on this week.


Looking Forward To: Our anatomy scan is a week from tomorrow! I am so very excited. Wes was able to take off the morning so will be able to go with me and I can’t wait to see this little one again and find out if it will be a boy or girl! I have a feeling, but I’ll keep that to myself until confirmed!


Running in Week 17

I have a feeling that each new week is going to get more challenging, because this one was slightly worse than last week. It wasn’t bad overall it’s just hard some mornings when you really don’t even feel like you know your body anymore. The early mornings are even tougher now, but I know after work isn’t an option either so I just do what I can and let my body dictate.

Here is a breakdown of my running in week 17:

Monday – 60 minutes on the treadmill (6.4 miles)

Tuesday – 60 minutes on the treadmill (6.2 miles)

Wednesday – 40 minutes on the treadmill (4.2 miles), 20 minutes on the spin bike

Thursday – 60ish minutes on the treadmill (6.1 miles)

Friday – Off

Saturday – 8.15 miles outside at the beach

Sunday – 5 miles


I tried to increased things most days during the week. I have decided 60 minutes will pretty much be my max for week day runs. Thursday was an interesting day because my treadmill decided to cut off on at 58:30. It looks like we blew a fuse, but I took it as a sign and just cut the run. I really wasn’t feeling well on Thursday and probably pushed a bit harder than I should have.  The other days were pretty non-eventful during the week.

Photo Jun 27, 5 48 34 AM

Saturday’s run was down at the beach, which was a nice change of scenery. I really loved just relaxing and trying to enjoy the time. The only downside was that it was HOT and my original plan of 9 got cut until 8, but still happy to get it in!

Photo Jul 02, 9 51 27 AM

Overall week 17 brought some challenges, but I’m still so blessed to be able to continue my running and to for the most part feel pretty good!


How did your running go this week?

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