I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while since my husband doesn’t have to work. Oh, and we are officially 3 weeks from our vacation! I cannot wait!

It’s been over a month since I’ve done any kind of workout recap, and to be honest it’s because not much has been happening. I do what I can when I can, but mostly I have been focused on recovery and resting. There were some walks and occasional strength work thrown in but nothing that amounted to much.

This week my goal was to get back into a routine. I am slowly going to be begin running again, and throwing in other cross training, so I want my body to be used to getting up again and getting into the habit of having a routine.

It’s nowhere close to what my schedule used to look like, but I thought I’d share it with you.


Monday: Strength Training

I started Monday off a little easier to get myself in the groove. I got up around 5:15 and focused on getting a good strength workout in.

Photo Apr 25, 6 06 54 AM

Strength workout: 3 x 10 pushups, 3 x 45 second planks, 3 x 12 squats, 3 x 10 alternating lunges, 3 x 10 bicep curls, 3 x 10 tricep extensions, and 3 x 10 tricep dips.


Tuesday: Incline Walking/Strength Training

Tuesday morning I was back on one of my favorite machines: the treadmill. No running quite yet, but I did 30 minutes of incline walking. I kept the treadmill on about a 5% and did 5 minutes walking, 2 minutes speed walking.

It was a good workout, no running, but I was happy to get my heart rate up and sweating.

Photo Apr 26, 5 32 24 AM

I finished it off with some upper body strength work (as above) and some light stretching.


Wednesday: Strength Training

I took the day off of cardio on Wednesday and focused on strength training. I pulled out my Quick Strength for Runners book and found a decent full body workout to do.

I was super tired for some reason Wednesday but I still wanted to make sure I got something in before I headed to work.


Thursday: Incline Walking/Strength Training

Thursday was the exact same and Tuesday except I went for 45 minutes instead of 30. It again felt great to sweat again and feel like I was doing something.

Photo Apr 28, 5 42 07 AM

I went a little easier on the strength training this morning because I was tired and sore. I focused on pushups, planks, and squats.


Friday: Off

I tried to stay consistent and keep Friday as my rest day, plus I really needed the extra sleep.


Saturday: Walk-Run/Strength Training

Saturday I made my first attempt at running again. That’s right actual running. I went to a local trail that I knew would be soft ground and did a run/walk combination. I started with 2 minutes running/1 minute walking for a total of 40 minutes. I covered roughly 3.4 miles.

Photo Apr 30, 9 56 03 AM

I walked for an additional 20 minutes for a total of 1 hour. Running felt wonderful but it wasn’t easy. I definietly have a ways to go but was happy with the progress and so happy to be outside again!


Sunday – Light Cardio

I’m not entirely sure what today will hold, but thinking of a light walk or spinning.


I’m happy with the progress and know that getting back on a schedule will be so helpful for me in the future. It’s not going to be the easiest process coming back, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.


How did your running/training go this week?

What time of workouts do you do when your not running?

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