Each week is quickly teaching me more and more. You’d think after 5+ years of running I’d have this all figured by now, but no matter what running continues to teach me things. This was the most consistent week I have had, and while I still don’t feel back to normal I am slowly seeing progress which makes me much more content.

On Wednesday, my new spin bike got delivered! My wonderful husband spent over an hour putting it together for me. I got to try it out for the first time on Saturday, but more to come on that in a little bit!


Let’s get right to my workouts this week, shall we? I’m pretty happy with 4 days of getting up around 4:45 AM in a row. I am definitely not ready to get up much earlier than that at this point but it is a great start.

One of the big things I tried to switch up this week was to run off of time instead of running off of miles. I know how I am too well, and sometimes will end up pushing miles too quickly. This way, no matter what mileage I am at I stop when I get to the designated amount of time. It also helps you become a little less dependent on your Garmin.


Time: 40 minutes

Photo May 09, 5 59 36 AM

I ended up going slightly over 40 minutes because I misjudged how long it would take me to get back down to my house, but it was just over 4.25 miles for the day. I probably felt the best on Monday, even though I was tired which is to be expected.



Time: 40 minutes

Photo May 10, 5 57 03 AM

I did the same workout on Tuesday. It was tougher than Monday, but I also slowed down a bit to let my body have time to get into it. I did a total of 4.25 miles again but my paces were slower in the beginning and I was able to pick it up a bit faster at the end.



Time: 30 minutes

Photo May 11, 5 37 39 AM

I was on the treadmill for Wednesday’s run. This was the toughest by far all week. I knew going into it that I was tired so I opted to cut back on Wednesday and cut the run at 3 miles. It was hot, I was tired, my legs felt dead, and I could feel the frustration building up. I opted to just relax and finish it out and be done with it. I caught myself thinking about how this would have been so easy a few short months ago – but that doesn’t matter! It will be again in time.



Time: 45 minutes

I was back outside Thursday so I decided to pick up the time just by a little. I try to keep it 45 minutes or under throughout the week. Thursday felt better and I am sure a lot of that had to do with being back outside. I ended up doing about 4.75 miles in total.






Time: 60 minutes running/30 minutes biking

I decided to break Saturday’s work out up a bit. I started early because hubby and I had some plans for the late morning.  I stuck with my plan of running off of time and opted for a 60 minute run. I started as the sun was coming up (around 5:30 AM) and it was such a peaceful run. It was the best I had felt in a while, and I could have easily kept going but stuck to my plan and cut it at 6.38 miles.

Photo May 14, 7 17 40 AM

I also tested out my spin bike for the first time Saturday. I did an easy 30 minutes after my run to shake out my legs. It rides so smooth and its a great bike! I am really excited to continue using this in my training.



I’m not really sure what Sunday will have in store yet. It will probably be something pretty mild. I am guessing either a short run or a walk, just making sure not to push it too much.


Photo May 12, 5 56 48 AM

I did strength training 4 days this week, which I was happy with. I ran out of time a lot of days so I had to make up a chunk of it on Saturday when I had more time and wasn’t feeling rushed. I’m sure the strength work does tire me out a bit more too during the runs, but eventually my body will begin to adjust.  I know how important it is to keeping me healthy!

If you haven’t already added it up, I totaled 22.5 miles this week. It’s a far cry from my marathon training miles, but I’m happy with the progress!


How did your running go this week?

What was your best run?

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