Good morning!

I apologize for a little bit of a late week check in, but I’ve been soaking up every minute on vacation and it’s been hard for me to get myself to sit down and write. As I type this, my husband is out running and I just finished and am eating breakfast. The perfect time to unwind and get to writing!

In fact, most my mornings after my run are looking something like this. I really need to find a way to make this happen daily.

Photo May 24, 9 23 49 AM

There isn’t a whole lot to share. We’ve been having an amazing time and soaking up every minute together without the stresses of life. These rare times in life don’t happen that often, but they are so wonderful when they do!

I’ve been keeping up with my running pretty consistently. I’ve taken a lot of the stress out of it and just gone out and enjoyed it most mornings. Sometimes the heat gets to me a bit, but when I feel like I’m extra tired I just stop and collect myself. The more focus you put on letting go and letting running come to you the better they go. I promise!


My husband wanted to get in a workout on Monday, so I headed to the track with him. I ran mostly off the track but it was still nice to switch things up a bit.

Photo May 23, 9 48 22 AM

I’ve also gotten in a wonderful walk on the beach, a run outside, and a run on the beach. I’d say that’s pretty good for vacation.


Other than that we’ve been eating (a lot), shopping, enjoying the beach, and walking (a lot). In fact most mornings when I wake up my legs feel like I ran for hours because of how much walking I’ve been doing. That’s okay though – it’s so worth it!

Photo May 21, 8 01 34 PM

When you have views like these how can you possibly complain?

Photo May 22, 7 09 03 PM


I know this is short and sweet, but I wanted to make sure I checked in! I’ll be back Sunday (hopefully) with a recap of my running on vacation!

In the mean time, make sure to following me on Instagram and SnapChat (RunningWife) as I try to update there more often!


What are you holiday weekend plans?

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