As things happen in life, sometimes it gets hard to keep believing in achieving the goals you set for yourself. I’m in one of those periods right now. I know that it’s possible but there are days when I definitely feel discouraged.

I’m here to tell you: never EVER give up on your goals and dreams!


Three years ago I made the decision I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. My fastest marathon to date at the time was a 4:38 and I knew it was a big goal. I had people tell me I was crazy, laugh at me, and even get excited about watching me fail.

Then I had a pretty big setback when I injured myself – femoral stress fracture. I was pretty broken at this point and figured that all the doubts I had in my mind and all the people that thought I was crazy were absolutely right. The truth was they weren’t.


After that injury, training smart, and meeting my goal I learned some very important lessons.

Even Without Running You Can Work Towards You Goals

Say what?! It’s hard to imagine working towards running goals when you aren’t running; however, it I very possible to continue working towards them through other areas.

This weekend I finally got back to the gym and did some spinning, walking, and elliptical. It wasn’t running, but I knew that my body would be stronger from it. Plus, it always helps to get in a good sweat!

Photo Apr 23, 9 20 58 AM

This week my focus is getting back into a routine. I am planning on waking up just a bit earlier each morning and getting in strength work and some cross training two days. It’s a way to get your body stronger which will help you when you come back to running.


Go Easy on Yourself

Your body is a pretty amazing thing. I was able to get my BQ within 1 training cycle but in reality it took me about a year to get it. While a year may seem like a long time, in the grand scheme of thing it isn’t. It takes time but your body can do pretty amazing things! Sometimes things take longer but it’s all about finding the fine line between pushing yourself and not pushing too much.

Your body will take time coming back to running, but that’s okay. Go easy on yourself and let your body move at the rate it needs to. The more you push it the worse it can set you back. Go easy! On yourself!


Goals Aren’t Everything

Ok, don’t get me wrong on this one – goals are important and I believe the help to keep you motivated and working towards something. However, there is more to life than your running goals. Life happens and sometimes you have to learn to adapt and bend and enjoy the moments.

I had a goal for forever to run the Boston Marathon, and then life happened and I wasn’t able to run it this year. It’s hard and disappointing but its life. I could get upset, cry, throw tantrums, but it’s just running and at the end of the day there are so many more important things.

I still have big goals for my running and will work towards them, but I keep them in perspective and make sure to remember the importance of other areas of life as well.


Running Will ALWAYS be There for You

This is something I always remind myself. There are times in life where other things take more of an importance, whether by choice or due to force. There is no way getting around the fact that life happens.

Photo Apr 26, 5 32 24 AM

When I was going through a tough time a while back someone said “remember, running will always be there for you.” It’s true! Even if you have to take some time, get injured, need a break, or if life simply happens then it’s okay. No matter how long you step away, or how long it takes you to get back, running will always be there for you when you are ready!


Goals are fun. Dreams are fun. They are always important to have but it’s also important to keep this crazy running journey in perspective. I know I for one have been so overtaken by my running and training at times I forget it’s simply fun!

Set your goals and go after them, but make sure you are having fun in the process! Even if you are sidelined, you can still work towards your dreams and come back even stronger!


What is your next big goal?

Do you ever forget sometimes to simply have fun with running?

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