Running and I are slowly starting to become friends again! It makes me so happy inside. Now if only I could figure out a way to get rid of these 4:00 AM mornings and we would really become friends!

I’ve still been taking it easy, but slowly feeling like in a couple weeks I can pick it up a bit more. Until then, I will enjoy these moments.

Here is a look at what my running look like this week:


Monday – 5 miles

The first several days all looked the same. My alarm went off extremely early. We are talking 3:40 AM early. I enjoy running the first area with my husband, makes me feel a bit safe and since he’s been working so much it’s a nice time together.

I finished it off with some strength work and 10 minutes of form drills.

Weekly Run1


Tuesday – 5 miles

Tuesday looked a lot like Monday. It was raining unfortunately, but I wasn’t feeling like the treadmill yet so I opted to go outside and get a little wet.

Weekly Run3

Another 5 miles with form drills at the end. Nothing fancy, but ended up with some pretty dirty shoes!


Wednesday – 5 miles

Wednesday it was still raining, this time harder. Instead of layering up and taking my chances, I went downstairs and did my miles on the treadmill.

It is the same story very time with me. If I don’t run on the treadmill for a while, it feels so much harder when I start back. These miles felt very very long.


Thursday – 6 miles

Originally I was going to my workout on Wednesday, but since I didn’t want to be doing it on the treadmill I opted to move it to Thursday when the weather was supposed to be nicer.

The workout was simple, as I discussed in Friday’s post, but it helped me get my legs moving>

2 mile warm up, 10 x 45 seconds (5k-10k effort), 1:30 recovery, and a cool down for a total of just over 6 miles.

Weekly Run2

Finished with from drills and stretching.


Friday – Off

No running for me, but I did bake this delicious halloween treat!

Weekly Run1

Since we don’t have kids yet, Halloween isn’t that exciting but I knew I wanted to make at least a little something fun!


Saturday – 10 miles

Saturdays are always fun for me, because most of the time they are my first run during the daylight in quite some time! I can’t tell you what a difference this does for me!

I started out slow and getting my legs into it. I did a few quick 1 minute pick ups through miles 2-7 and then ran easy the rest of the time.

Weekly Run1

This run wasn’t easy, it wasn’t awful, it just kind of was. In reality that’s what a majority of runs are like. We have amazing runs, we have terrible runs, and then rest just kind of fall somewhere in between.



Sunday – 5 miles

The goal is to run an easy 5 miles to help recover.


In total I’m ending at just around 36 miles in total for the week. I’m happy with staying around those miles for a while. It’s about 20 miles less than the average during my marathon training season.


Other than running, this week has been pretty quiet around these parts.

We opted to stay home and relax since Wes had to be in bed early on Saturday night. It was so nice to have a low key weekend and catch up on some much needed sleep!

I’ve got to check out of here now because I have a 2 year olds birthday party to attend! I mean, what could possibly be better!?


How did your running go this week?

How many miles do you average a week?

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