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There is no better way to start a Wednesday than with coffee, right? Actually I’m pretty sure there is no way to start any day!


You want to know what the hardest part of running so early in the morning is, my lack of energy! It’s a great way to start the day, but I’d be lying if I said I jump out of the bed every single morning ready to go.

Most of the time as I get into my run I start to wake up. I feel great and the first 30 minutes after a run I am more productive than I am the entire day. Then the post early morning exhaustion sets in.

Weekly Run1

I save my breakfast until I get to work to help boost my energy, but the magic for me every morning is my coffee. I’ve always been a coffee lover, and I’m not really sure how I’d make it through the first 2-3 hours of the morning without it.

My office is generous to provide us with coffee, but unfortunately the choices are pretty limited. I wish I could afford to get fancy coffee every day as well, but it’s just not in the budget these days.


I was introduced to Folgers Flavors recently as a fun an alternative solution. These allow you #RemixYourCoffee in whatever flavor you are wanting that day.

Feeling like French Vanilla? A shot of Mocha? Hazelnut? Just add these to even the most basic coffee and get a quick boost of sweetness.

They are small enough to throw in your purse on the way to work in the morning and you can determine how little or much you want to add. I like a little sweetness, but not a whole lot and this gives me ability to make it how I like.


Another great use for these, to add to your pre-run coffee! I’ve tried tons of pre-workout drinks but in all honesty the only thing that has ever really worked is caffeine. To me, coffee is the most delicious way to get that caffeine. Throw this in your bag and enjoy your cup of coffee with a flavor kick prior to your next run! Delicious and effective!

Check out this fun video from Mike Tompkins about Folgers Flavors release:

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