The common misconception with runners is that we wake up every morning ready to run.

Sunday morning I woke up and really just wanted to get it over with. I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to get done, so all I could think about was getting out there and being done.

Running is a funny thing. Just when you least expect it, teaches you something.

All I had on the schedule was an easy 5 miles. I’m focusing hard on not increasing my mileage for a while, and knew that was about all I should do after yesterday’s 11. Which made my outlook on the run even worse.

The weather has been unusually warm recently, but Sunday morning the crisp fall air was back. I made the decision to just run without looking at my pace or even have a planned course. I just ran.

To my own surprise, these were the best miles I’ve had in a long time. I dreamed, I thought, I prayed, and I just enjoyed every moment of the run. There was no pressure, no goals, it was just me and the open road.

Deep Running1

These types of runs don’t happen everyday. However, when they do happen they seem to come exactly when you need them.

It’s been an adjustment for me after Chicago, but it’s something I know I’ve needed. I’ve tried to embrace it, to just let my body do what it can, but it’d be a lie if I said it is always easy. On days like today it all seems to be worth it.

Chicago Marathon Recap8

Running is more than just training for a race. It’s more than just my next goal – it truly is my sanity. On days when everything goes crazy, it is what brings me peace. I think that’s why runners are the crazy bunch we are, because it is so much more than focusing on a goal.

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I work hard because I have big dreams, but at the end of the day I just want to be able to run. I want to be appreciative and remember that even on the hardest days running is a gift.

On days like today, running was just what I needed.


What does running mean to you?

Are you working towards a goal?

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