As you read this we hopefully will be sound asleep in a hotel room in Chicago! We left around 2:00 PM on Thursday and since we had a 10 hour drive ahead we chose to leave a little early to take our time.

Each marathon is really unique. The last one I ran was such a quick down and back trip that I didn’t really have time to sit and think about it. This one I’ve had a lot more time and I think that’s probably good and bad.

Marathons bring out a ton of emotions. Good, bad, scary, exciting, etc. Just so you know I’m serious let’s take a look at the emotions thoughts I’ve gone through in the past 4-5 days.


My Legs Are Never Going to Feel FRESH

I had a mini panic attack during my first few runs of the week. I was tired, work has been crazy, but instead of looking at it that way all I could think about is that they were NEVER going to be recovered.

Chicago Race Plan600

Of course, we have no idea what will happen on race day but I’m doing everything I can to make sure they are ready to go and that’s all I can do.


Her Training Plan Looks Harder and Better Than Mine

You’ve heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy.” Thanks to social media all week I’ve doubted everything I’ve done this training cycle. Sure, it hasn’t been ideal but it doesn’t mean I haven’t put in some hard work.

I’ve had to make myself stop comparing my training and my goals to others. I love reading about other people but I find myself all too often comparing. We are all made unique and respond to training in very different ways.


Let’s do this!

There have been some highs too! After a lighter running load some moments I feel ready to go! I want to just go out and lay it all out the line. Whatever that will be!


That Tempo Did Not Feel Easy

Even during the taper I do small tempo runs and strides to keep my legs moving. Tuesday morning I had a 2 mile tempo followed by 0.5 miles fast.

Chicago Race Plan601

These are always tricky runs so close to the marathon because you don’t want to have a bad run and then begin to panic or lose confidence. This didn’t feel easy, but it wasn’t awful.


Am I ready for the pain!?

Let’s face it, a marathon is a painful task. Really any race is, but those last 6 miles or more of a marathon can be physically and mentally painful. It’s something every marathoner will tell you about, but then they seem to quickly forget it and sign up for another one.

Somehow the pain is worth it, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a little nervous about it in the back of my head!

During my last marathon I ordered a wrap bracelet from Momentum Jewelry saying “Earned Not Given.” This time around I decided I want another one but with a saying more relevant to my this cycle. I went back and forth and in the end decided to use the simple mantra, “Believe.”

Marathon Emotions1

Regardless of where I am I have to believe that I CAN do this! This will be my constant reminder throughout the marathon when I start to doubt myself.


What if I have stomach issues!?

I’ve been cursed with a weak stomach at times. It often doesn’t do well when I’m required to take in gels throughout my marathon. To counteract that, I spend almost the entire week before the marathon keeping my foods very simple and easy on my stomach.

For example, yesterday morning I had a simple breakfast post 5 mile fun of mutli-grain cheerios (an off brand) and Purely Elizabeth Cranberry Pecan Ancient Grain Granola.

Marathon Emotions2

It was delicious, probably the most taste my food has had much of this week. While plain pasta, chicken, rice, etc. may not be delicious tasting I know that I need to do everything I can to limit issues.


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No matter how many emotions go through my head, at the end of the day the work is done. I have to go out there and give it whatever I can and let that be enough. You can minimize risk but you can never completely ensure a perfect race.

What emotions do you go through on race week?

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