Words can’t express just how happy I am for it finally to be Friday! Between quarter end at work, a tough start to my tape, and desperately needing to catch up on sleep I am more than ready for the weekend!

Is anyone else feeling this way?

My taper has started off a bit rocky. Though the taper plays a lot of tricks on us so I’m just trying to take in stride and take one day at a time. I also see it as pretty fitting after a very “up and down” training cycle.


Tuesday’s workout was a complete and utter fail. It has been POURING rain since last Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain this much. I had to head to the gym to try and get my run in. The goal was 1 mile warm up (which was done outside in the rain before the gym opened), 7 miles sub marathon pace (7:24), and 0.5 – 1 mile cool down.

From the very beginning my legs felt flat. Our gym doesn’t turn on the air until they open so it was a completely sweat fest from the beginning. After 3.5 miles I called it quits. I went outside and got soaked finishing up the last 3 miles. It just wasn’t worth killing myself this close to race day.

Post workout I sulked a bit, talked with my husband, and his coach to help decide how to go from here.


My second attempt at a small marathon pace run was Thursday. It was still raining, so begrudgingly I had another date with the treadmill. Another sweat fest, but I felt better and did 2 mile warm up (first outside), 4 miles at marathon pace, and 1 mile cool down for a total of 7.

I’m just moving on from it all. I’m letting go of the fact that I’ve had to run so much on the treadmill the past week, the bad workout, and a crazy busy week. Nothing I do between now and then will change my race; it simply keeps my legs working and my body on its schedule.


Today I wanted to share some fun things I’ve found in regards to Chicago! I have a tendency to do a little too much reading going into a race, and I thought some of these contained excellent information regarding the race.


The super speedy and awesome Tina sent me this link from Runner’s Connect.



It is extremely helpful for making your race day plan. From what I can remember of the course, it’s pretty accurate and also takes into account for crowds. For faster runners (i.e. my husband) this doesn’t seem to be a problem, but if you are in the masses like me you have to plan for your first 1-2 miles to be a bit slower.


A Video of the Chicago Marathon Course.

I love to watch as many videos as I can going through the course. Obviously, nothing can replicate the real thing but being familiar with the course helps a lot.

It also really gets me pumped up and excited to be there!


Old Recap from Chicago Marathon 2014

When I am having a tough time during the taper, I love watching highlights from previous years. It gets me excited seeing the crowds and a great reminder that the race needs to be FUN!


What do you like doing leading up to a marathon?

What do you use to plan your race?


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