This week is the final big push. I have three weeks left until Chicago. My taper will officially start next Monday, and for once I think I’m ready!

I’ve secretly been looking back at my old posts from when I was three weeks out from my last marathon.

I’ll be doing a full recap on training and what my race plan and goals are in the coming weeks. We are using this last week to try to get a final feel for where I am.


These legs are seriously tired of 4:00 AM. This week, as many final weeks in training are, has left them and me feeling extremely exhausted.

Last Push1

It’s the final push though, and thankfully that has been enough to get me out the door!


I’ve cut my workouts down to two for the final real training week. However, they are two pretty big workouts and hopefully will give me more of an idea of what is a realistic plan for marathon day.

In fact, as some of you are reading this I’ll probably be doing the following workout:

Warm up (20 mins slow, 2 x 100 meters, 2 min tempo)
6 miles faster than GMP (7:20-7:25)
1 mile jog
4 x 1 minute (5k pace with 1-1:30 minute jog between)
4 x 30 seconds fast (1 minute easy jog in between)
Cool down

In total it’ll be about 12 miles.  Fingers crossed!


The second workout of the week will come this weekend. Depending on how the weather holds up and what’s going on it will be either Saturday or Sunday. The weather is looking a bit iffy right now but hoping somehow that changes. Someone make this rain go away!


I’m trying to focus on a few key things this week:

Relax – A this time in training it’s completely normal to feel exhausted and lacking motivation. Just focus on getting out the door, relaxing during workouts, and taking each day one at a time.

Test Run – I love use the final week of training as a test run. Focusing on trying to figure out what I’m wearing on race day and finally figuring out my race plan after the week is complete.

Something Will Go Wrong – I always remind myself that most likely something will go wrong during this week. It happens every time, but I try to focus on just moving past it. I know I had an awful long run last weekend, but that’s okay!

 Enjoy It – Do you ever get into training but quickly realize you aren’t enjoying it anymore? Sometimes I just forget to sit back and enjoy the ride. Sometimes it will hurt but that’s okay!


Finally, I have to share with you all some exciting news. Last Friday morning I woke up so excited because I got to registered for the Boston  Marathon in 2016!

I looked at my calendar and was reminded that 2 years ago to the day was when I first realized I had a stress fracture. Keeping my goals in the front of my mind was often times what got me through those tough months. It was a long road and I had to learn some lessons the hard way, but it made me a stronger runner and person because of it!

Last Push2

Monday a little after 3:00 pm the email came through! I’m going to Boston!

I even teared up a bit at work, but there was a lot of work and emotions put into that training. It may have been the perfect bit of motivation to get me through these last few weeks!


What is your dream race?

How far are you out from your next race?

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