Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned.

I have to work for at least a good chunk of the day, why aren’t banks closed?! Then we are heading off to the beach for the weekend. It may be a short trip, but I am really looking forward to it!

Beach Running2

I can’t wait to be there! Now!

As you all know from reading my recap of last week, it was a rough one for me. I completed my workout but had to cut my tempo run short because I just didn’t have it in me.

Even though I know it’s not the end of the world, I really wanted to have some redemption this week when it came to my tempo specifically.

Hansons plan focuses pretty heavily on cumulative fatigue; it’s going to make you run tough workouts, tempo runs and long runs on tired legs. This is one of the big reasons I believe that I felt so good during my last marathon, but it can get very tiring.


Going into this week I made a game plan and made a few changes that I thought would help me both physically and mentally. Aside from being tired from running, I also knew I had a very long week coming up with quarter end.


Easy Easy Easy Days

If you follow the plan exactly, even your easy days have a desired pace range. I knew that sometimes I push myself too hard because of this.

This week I decided that on Monday and Wednesday I would just run and see what my body wanted to do. If it was slower than the “desired pace range” then so be it.

I ended up actually staying in range, but I didn’t stress about the easy paces as I have in the past and looked at my watch a whole lot less.


Tempo Tuesday

I knew I wanted to try to have a good tempo run this week, so instead of sitting around thinking about it all week I decided to do my tempo run on Tuesday morning. I either would end up running my tempo on tired legs or my workout, either way there is benefit.

I lucked out as well because since my husband’s schedule has now changed he was able to help pace me for the 6 mile tempo. Win!


Treadmill Option

I knew I would be tired going into my work out on Thursday morning. I didn’t want to opt out of doing my work out outside, but I already came to terms that if I needed to I would jump on the treadmill Thursday morning.


I always make sure, unless the weather acts up; that I do my tempo runs outside. I am really trying to get most work outs done outside as well this time around, but try to give myself a little more leeway.

Thankfully, I didn’t end up having to use it but having it as a backup option helped me not stress quite as much.


Increased Core and Strength Training

I’ve been incorporating this over the past 2-3 weeks but have been in a pretty big rut. This week I said enough was enough and am making it a focus to do core work and strength training every day. It doesn’t mean it has to take an hour. So far this week I have spent about 15-20 minutes every morning after my run doing it.

I am already seeing the benefits from it.


I could have gone into this week with the same plan as always, and it might have worked! However, I know all too well how I work and I knew having even small changes would mentally help me.


Do you ever make training changing plans?

Do you do workouts on the treadmill?

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