I’ve got a secret to share with you all today…

It’s not really a secret, more of a revelation I have come to this week. Maybe it won’t be news to you, but when I came to terms with it, my mindset changed.

Workouts aren’t meant to destroy you.


I’m sure that some of you are already well aware of this, but I think I’ve gotten so speed focused that it is something I forgot until recently.

Tuesday morning I had my first workout of the week. This workout terrified me, mostly because the last time I attempted this plan I couldn’t complete it. That was more due to the heat, but it still stuck with me.

The workout was simple:

Warm up
7 x 400 meters (x2)
400 meter recovery
6 minutes between sets
Cool down


I think the biggest thing that scared me about it was that I had to do 14. I have never done that many 400’s before. It was defineitly a run I had to keep telling myself to just relax and deal with it when the time comes.

Well, at 4:15 AM on Tuesday that time came. My husband got up with me to my surprise and headed out to my speed work road.

The goal time was 1:38. I think that is roughly at 6:32 pace.

I started the workout and focused on starting slow and keeping it steady. Wes paced me for the first one since that pace is basically his easy pace and then let me try to feel the pace for the rest. It took some getting used to, but I eventually got close.

I took my break in between and realized I wasn’t as tired as I thought. I continued the final seven and even though by the end my legs were feeling it I felt pretty good.


Wes looked at me and said workouts aren’t meant to destory you. It was a simple idea but I never really thought of it like that.

I focus on my goals a lot. I know I want to get faster to get to my marathon goal, and I assume that the only way to get there is to put myself through pain.

In some ways, it’s true. Workouts are in no way easy. They aren’t supposed to be easy. If they were then they wouldn’t be workouts. However, at the same time they aren’t supposed to take everything out of you.


I like to remind myself of this when I stress about a workout or tempo run. It’s just a workout and I just do the best I can and relax. Relaxing is so key to have a smart and good workout. If you don’t hit one workout, so what? There is always another one right around the corner.


There you have it. I just felt like sharing that today!

In other news, the weekend is almost here! It’s been crazy busy at work this week so I look forward to a little rest and relaxation! Hoping my legs are recovered by my runs tomorrow and Sunday.


I’m taking my Mom out for dinner Saturday night for Mother’s Day and then we will probably be going to see my mother-in-law Sunday. Should be a great weekend!


Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


How do you get yourself to relax during workouts?

What are your weekend plans?

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